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And yet people watch Mrs Brown's Boys...?

Every single one of us has a level of prejudice inside us, even if we don't do the big ticket prejudices any more, like skin colour, gender or sexuality.

For too long, people were told what to be offended about, and now we have a generation of people offended about absolutely everything.

A local Girl's school has banned referring to females as girls or ladies, because it "reminds them of their gender". It is almost as if we are telling women to actually be ashamed of being women. It is their identity, and over 99.9% of females identify themselves as female.
Do not refer to female pupils as 'girls' or 'ladies' because it 'reminds them of their gender', headteachers told

Did I feel a little uneasy when SWMBO saw a male midwife during pregnancy? Yes. Does that really make me a bad person? In the immediate aftermath of the attack at Manchester Arena, did I view 'brown people' carrying rucksacks with a bit more suspicion? Yes.

People will always have some kind of prejudice. It is human nature.
But erm if they are not 'girls' should they be going to an all 'girls' school.

I mean lets say I am a 14 year old bloke - can I pretend to become transgender and go to an all girls boarding school?

But yes thing is it is trendy to jump on a bandwagon and 'identify' with a certain type of person and then use that as justification for condemning all those who disagree.