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    None of my kids secondary schools allowed shorts. It's not a new thing.

    Of course, if the boys wanted to make a point, they could probably get agreement for shorts as these Swedish train drivers did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotAllThere View Post
    The school dress code.

    The whole hoo hah arose because a new dress code was imposed of long trousers or skirts. When the head teacher was asked if that meant boys could wear skirts if they chose, she said yes.

    The school dress code decided against shorts. Whether you agree or not, the idea is that smart dressing is more conducive to an educational environment. It was deemed that shorts are not smart.

    This has precisely zero to do with transgender, right-on politics or virtue signalling, except it was seen that banning boys from wearing skirts could lead to snowflake activists getting hot under the collar.
    And boys in skirts are?

    The move was part of a government-funded drive to make uniform polices more sensitive to transgender children.

    Woker than you - but not as woke as I'd like to be.

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    Didn't we do this whole thing last year?

    I'm sure we found stories with photos of Spanish coach drivers and various school boys from around the UK who where banned from wearing shorts, so they all turned up in skirts in accordance with their uniform policies?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jog On View Post
    Yes, you are. And stupid with it. Not an attractive combination. Feel free to take your venom elsewhere.
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