Eastern Europeans lives matter! or EEM! Eastern Europeans lives matter! or EEM!
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    Default Eastern Europeans lives matter! or EEM!

    Stating the obvious here, we want equality and access to opportunities for everyone.
    As long as they are not Eastern European or Turks. To hell with those.

    The establishment wants to give the impression it does not discriminate, with the exception of the times it serves it's own means.
    Still cannot understand how you could have on tv the show: "Romanians are coming " when everything so closely analysed. It is mad.

    So I guess, more equality and diversity training for us, additional effort to brainwash us with the revised HR policies.
    How everything is so equal and fair. While in the end, it is the same business as usual.
    Inequality between classes is at historical high. COVID has not broken the system, the cracks are more pronounced now.

    I guess the upper ranks won't give away their share of the pie, the other categories will have to take one for the team to be able to meet the team's diversity quota?

    Wondering if an excessive tan would boost my career prospects. Playing an half Romanian half gypsy exotic character.
    That should definitely get me trophies around the company like a deer on a car bonnet.

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