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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravello View Post
    To cheer you up again Dante you can (sorry Chef). I took Mrs Ravello to the Waterside Inn last year, total bill was c. £400. As Chef says, you can't claim the entire bill, but you can claim up to the £300 and pay the extra yourself.
    Again, I would check this with an accountant. I did this, went over the threshold and I couldn't claim (my accountant said so), even when I suggested the "topping up" myself. It was Nixon Williams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravello View Post
    Apologies I stand, well sit, corrected. I spoke to my accountant (SJD) who said I could... Have to say that I didn't read up on it to check. Ah well, at worst I'll have to give Hector back roughly £100, shame but the meal was worth it anyway
    Sounds about right for SJD...
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