Hi, Apologies if this has been discussed here before but i'm looking for some advice. 2 years ago I applied and was granted SC clearance, however due to having a number of credit accounts (took 8 months off work and racked up some debt due to having a poorly child) this was only granted for 2 years and was then to be reviewed. Taking into account the current climate and throw a 10% pay cut into the mix my finances are the same as when the initial check was carried out 2 years ago and I am beginning to get concerned that it could be revoked due to the lack of improvement. I have no CCJ's, IVA's or bankruptcies, just a few late payments on cards which do eventually get paid albeit a couple of weeks late sometimes.

Obviously the way things are in the IT market having the SC is a massive bonus, especially as public sector are the only people who seem to be spending on IT. It's caused more than a few sleepless nights to be honest.

Has anybody had any similar experience with SC?