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    Default Sauce for the goose

    should be sauce for the gander, non?

    BBC Sport - Football - World Cup 2010: Fifa issues ban deadline to Nigeria

    Fifa rules prohibit any government intervention with its members.
    Fifa rules clearly state that national associations can be expelled if governments are seen to be interfering with the way they operate.
    BBC Sport - Football - World Cup 2010: France players return to training

    President Nicolas Sarkozy has since intervened to try to defuse the situation.
    Sarkozy asked French sports minister Roselyne Bachelot to extend her stay in South Africa and meet with the players, coach and FFF chief Jean-Pierre Escalettes on Monday.
    Surely this means Monsieur Le Frog is going to get a ban as well then?
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    are seen to be interfering
    FIFA can't act on something if they didn't physically see it. Our team learned that the hard way.

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