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    Unhappy Margaret Blair

    So he does a conference in London on some tulip or other but what gets me is this:

    UCL however, has defended its position, saying: "The event is being held under the auspices of the ISRS, an independent research institute and not-for-profit company.
    Obviously getting well paid for it then at 700 smackers per head. Money grabbing tory.

    I also don't understand the article at all as its students at UCL protesting yet the university says:

    "They are responsible for the conference, and no funding, facilities or accommodation for the conference have been requested or are being provided by UCL.

    "The conference is not taking place at UCL. As an institute devoted to learning, UCL values freedom of speech highly and encourages the widest possible expression of differing views, within the law. We do not operate a policy of barring speaker with controversial views."
    Yet the article says:

    Tony Blair was jeered by anti-war protesters as he arrived to deliver a speech at University College London (UCL) this morning.
    And the university says that ISRS is independent yet there website is run by the university: UCL Institute for Security and Resilience Studies

    I am very confused (At least you know they're lying in porn magazines)
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