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    Quote Originally Posted by Worried 72 View Post
    Would you reckon this is maybe a ploy to squeeze some extra cash out of us when / if it comes to getting the loans released?
    My opinion here is worth little as I don't know anything of the motives.

    If I had to guess it looks like a separation of UK and non UK assets/people/businesses.

    However the new finance company, whomever that may be, now seems to own a valuable asset and businesses are in business to exploit such assets.
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    (No, me neither).

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    Yes I got this email to. tried calling and just hangs up and not spoken to anyone yet.

    I have now arranged a phone call with WTT for a phone call next week Thursday.

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    Just out of curiosity I've been looking over some past threads and I'm wondering why some loans were passed onto another company by KHT and some weren't.

    I had loans from Knox House Trust and also directly from SP Management (when they became Malta rather than IOM) written off last year (post-settlement with HMRC) so I'm just wondering what people's scenarios were where their loans with KHT were transferred to another company. Which promoter were they using, if perhaps not SP Management?

    Perhaps that had a bearing on which loans KHT sold on and which they kept hold of...

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