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    Quote Originally Posted by BR14 View Post
    watching rick stein in Alsace.
    used to ride around there on weekends when i lived in Basel.
    <on a proper bike, with a one litre v-twin engine, before BP says anything>

    great place, and people.

    nostalgia ain't wot it used to be

    A friend of mine’s mother is originally from Alsace. She doesn’t like being reminded that when she was a schoolgirl, she got upset because her mother wouldn’t let her join the Jungmädelbund

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    oh, and Jura wine.

    used to ride around there too, sometimes, and the schwarzwald.

    great location Basel has.
    shame the inhabitants are too anal to appreciate it.
    bit like Edinburgh in that respect.

    Entropy is NOT what it used to be.
    Inertia, however........................

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    BTVS S5 E8 & 9, Angel S2 E8 & 9.

    Wherein Buffy's mum gets sick and a resurrected Darla gets sired again.

    Now watching Dr Pimplepopper.

    Woman with a "lipoma" at the top of the crack in her buttocks.

    Chap with a tit on his hip, this really was a big feckoff lipoma.

    Now a woman with stretched earlobes which goes to show what a dumb thing those really are.

    Oh feck, this is "fun".

    She can hear the scalpel cutting.

    Feck me, that's nastier than the pimple popping.

    Nice job.

    The butt lady is back: she's got spinal dysraphism.

    Spinal Dysraphism – The Spine Hospital at The Neurological Institute of New York

    This is Not Good News.

    Fecking hell.

    I'm not sure I'd have had that done.

    Looks much better than it did and she can still stand up and walk.

    The lady's earlobes look wonderful, and the guy's hip is titless.

    Now the spinal woman is consulting a neurosurgeon.
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    More BBC drama tonight, this time from the 1980s: Edge of Darkness, which I bought several years ago but hadn’t got around to yet. Compassionate Leave (TV Episode 1985) and Into the Shadows (TV Episode 1985) were the first two episodes; pretty good stuff so far.

    Goodnight all

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