C++ refresher course? C++ refresher course?
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    Default C++ refresher course?

    After a couple of years - maybe more - I'm back into a C++ coding role. Can anyone recommend any online resource that will skim through all the more modern stuff - lambdas and `auto` and futures and async stuff? I used C++ for decades but this cool modern stuff only for a bit, though I am familiar with it in C# I could do with almost a 'cheat sheet' for C++.

    It'll just reduce my googling for the first few days until I'm back up to speed. I'm not averse to a book but realistically I'll use it a few times then it'll sit on a shelf
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    Personally I'm a big fan of Udemy courses, which you can get with discounts using online codes, so less than £15 for a course.

    Learn Advanced C++ Programming | Udemy
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