Sick pay and holiday pay - how much damage would that do to the market? Sick pay and holiday pay - how much damage would that do to the market? - Page 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joolsey86 View Post
    I agree, I think blanket Inside IR35 enforcements will be implemented.

    A hybrid fixed contract will be the standard taking out holiday pay and we will end up worse off than a permanent employee.

    What this will do is drive the current contracting staff into permanent employment, which will drive the low skilled and lazy types into contracting as they wont be able to compete for a permanent position against a highly skilled, experienced, certified and motivated ex-contractor.

    So out flexible market place will end up being the detritus of our industry. Well done May/Hammond.
    you think forcing a contractor into a permie job would motivate them?

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    Maybe employers will buy IR35 insurance from IPSE or QDOS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
    Thing is, you shouldn’t be paying the NI at all, legal challenges are mounting on this, and that’s where the client will start to squirm. NI on a day rate is a big chunk.

    Hence, sadly, I’m expecting an April 2019 start, it means less time for business to really understand what’s being proposed.
    I very much agree I shouldn’t be paying Employer’s NI but this is the reality of inside IR35 today.

    I get more pay than a permie, but any perks (holiday pay) come from incurred earnings. I can pay into a pension and save some tax. But no employer contribution.

    On the plus side I don’t have performance reviews - but then I miss out on perks like WFH. Basically contractors are here to work on projects and keep head down...

    Overall - the situation suits me OK - for now...

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