Anyone heard the IR35 LBC advert ? Anyone heard the IR35 LBC advert ?
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    Default Anyone heard the IR35 LBC advert ?

    Got in the car this evening, and the radio is tuned into LBC - not normal! (But, I do miss Eddie - PM isn't the same). Adverts are on, as appears standard with LBC.

    And up pops an advert for IR35, specifically a company punting a solution for clients (can't remember the exact wording, but that's close enough). Quick read of their website, check companies house. And it's a company run by 2 IT consultants. Their pitch is to provide consultancy/support for a number of products (VMWare, Cloud, Nutanix, etc).

    Wonder how much the marketing expense claim was for a series of adverts on LBC !

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    I don't know much about it but the sales pitch looks far too good to be true to me. Maybe they've been drawn in by the statements about ABC1 listeners.

    I wouldn't have thought radio would have been any good for specialist IT companies though.
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