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IR35 News

From April 6th 2017, IR35 status for Public Sector Contracting will be determined by the client, not the contractor.

For more information on these upcoming changes visit Public Sector Contracting. You can also have a look at what the contractors and industry experts are saying about it in our Public Sector IR35 Forum.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status you can get an IR35 contract review. You can also cover your tax and IR35 risks with IR35 insurance.

There is further IR35 information below.

HMRC wants to quiz contractors after it investigates them under IR35. 

The PSC Committee's report is scathing about the taxman, not contractors.

HMRC's letters demanding details about contract suppliers are 'unacceptable.'

'Forty IR35 staff keep 110,000 PSCs from paying almost everything in dividends.'

Business groups object to HMRC's 'blanket assumption' that PSCs are tax avoiders.

PSC inquiry was told by the taxman that IR35 is less effective than it actually is.

Lords given evidence on why IR35 should be suspended or scrapped.

Contractors can now have their say on the seemingly fruitful reforms to IR35.

Targeting fake self-employment will be on top of IR35, which won't be reformed in any way.

HMRC using salary and dividend totals to risk-assess PSC contractors for IR35.

Engagers get let off the hook from IR35's enormous financial consequences, Lords told.


HMRC enquiries into personal service companies are up four-fold on 2011-12.

Corporation wields the axe over 'controlled' freelancers who refuse to join its payroll.

IR35 Forum's job of reviewing the new system is on offer to IT contractors 'very aware' of it.


IR35 Forum minutes reveal another crack unit is targeting employment status.

Lawyer under fire from ex-tax inspectors over a 'misleading' warning sticks to his guns.

Taxman's guidance slammed as disappointing to contractors, as the 'IR35 fog' remains. 

193 contractors suspected of disguised employment rounded up in half a tax year. 

Just five days before Budget 2013, HMRC says new IR35 guidance is incoming.

Messy, unresolved issues and HMRC's unwillingness to give IR35 suspects longer to respond.

January's IR35 Forum minutes say three crack teams can claim 'good progress'.

Government told to come clean about a potentially significant extension to IR35.  

Officials push to amend IR35, hoping it catches contractors who are office-holders.

First statutory change to IR35 since it was introduced to be unveiled tomorrow.

Chancellor vows to strengthen IR35 but says it’s sufficient to tackle office holders.

Tax expert says hype about employment status makes IR35 unavoidable for Osborne. 

Agents and outfits criticised for forcing ordinary workers into limited companies.

Trade body downgrades estimate of new IR35 enquiries following ContractorUK article.

Revenue rejects 'misinformed' estimate that new IR35 enquiries run into the thousands.

Officials don’t expect every public sector contractor to have to prove they’re outside IR35.

Taxation boss adds some 'truth' to the outcry over limited company workers.


HMRC vows to crank up IR35 activity in light of 25,000 off-payroll contracts at the Beeb.

Taxman succeeds at playing catch-up on IR35, netting more than £1m in the past year.

Quango takes a blanket approach, by assuming all its PSC contractors are IR35-caught.

Bizarre or a vast improvement? Merging P35's question six puts IR35 experts at odds.

'Self-employed can save firms £2bn, assuming none are disguised employees.'

First batch of IR35 letters under the new risk-based approach is doing the rounds.

Kate Cottrell on her motivations for accepting a seat on the IR35 Forum.

War of words: contracting body's reply to an IR35 Forum member's comment.

New approach to personal service companies is flawed and may serve no purpose – PKF.

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