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IR35 News

From April 6th 2017, IR35 status for Public Sector Contracting will be determined by the client, not the contractor.

For more information on these upcoming changes visit Public Sector Contracting. You can also have a look at what the contractors and industry experts are saying about it in our Public Sector IR35 Forum.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status you can get an IR35 contract review. You can also cover your tax and IR35 risks with IR35 insurance.

There is further IR35 information below.

Private sector IR35 consultation won’t be released until 'the coming months,' -- HM Treasury.

Advisers to PSCs expect anything ranging from nothing -- to the publication of the IR35 consultation.

'Complex' issue of its PSC usage compels the BBC to make some clarifications.

ContractorUK readers invited to get the IR35 lowdown on March 15th, about what’s unveiled on the 13th.

Amid pressure from a Tory MP, the broadcaster is hitting out at PSCs’ advisers.

‘Real threat’ to staffing, as eight in 10 PSCs would be deterred in a CEST-only world.

Contractor to mount a day of action against a 2019, or 2020 extension.

Second legal expert finds fault with the broadcaster since IR35 stung one of its presenters.

A ‘life-changing’ tax debt faces a media veteran who says she’s a scapegoat.

Tax staff speak (three times) of an ‘immediate need’ to fix private sector flouting of IR35.

Public PSC, private 'Ltd' or a brolly user? Either way, there’s a campaign for you.

‘Extremely important’ judgment due for one PSC, all PSCs and IR35’s future.

April’s off-payroll rules are directly blamed for the first fall in company formations in seven years.

So get creative, because waiting to see what government wants isn’t wise, says PRISM.

But whether contractors will have more than just ‘little or no impact’ remains to be seen.

Good, bad or incompatible? Contractor bosses clash over Hammond’s IR35 move.

Chancellor clears the ground to widen April's off-payroll rules, but is cheered for not bulldozing.

A formal bid to keep the off-payroll rules public sector-only nears a government response.

Speculation over whether thousands face changes to how they work plays on Radio 4.

As one fight against the off-payroll rules 'takes a breath,' another vows to go the distance.

'Multiple' judicial reviews threatened, to expose 'kangaroo court' assessments of PSCs.

July's record of what was said is quietly replaced, but it’s still deemed 'unreflective.'

APSCo, IPSE and Qdos take issue with the financial secretary to the Treasury.

The officials who can decide to widen April's rules talk of 'fairness' and 'unchecked behaviour.'

Off-payroll rule implementation was 'unlawful,' NHS unions allege.

First public body to have banned PSCs is now the first to suggest its services to taxpayers will suffer.

BBC Hustle star says he's the victim of a cash grab -- over his employment status.

Top taxman goes on the offensive over the off-payroll rules, but he's on the backfoot -- again.

Contractor sector is pressing the taxman over his minute-taking at the IR35 Forum.

Tweak to who's caught, coincides with fresh Forum minutes and 'ESS' becoming 'CEST.'

HMRC's denials of change might still not convince non-rocket scientist contractors.

'Inevitable' roll-out of April’s IR35 reforms worry half of contractors.

Campaigner concedes that the courts might not be how IR35 gets changed.

Taxman not denying using private firms to get around rules he made for public bodies.

Agencies telling a 'familiar story' -- IR35 issues dragging their public sector results.

New guidelines go live, for those accused of re-running the ESS until it says 'outside.'

Contractor hoping to take on the off-payroll rules raises over £11,000 in just three weeks.

'Outrageous' ploy, as agencies covertly force PSCs to indemnify them against IR35 losses.

IT contractor on the cusp of enough funds to wave through a legal attack on the off-payroll rules.

Where the off-payroll rules should be fought, and why, to be itemised and assessed.

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