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IR35 News

From April 6th 2017, IR35 status for Public Sector Contracting will be determined by the client, not the contractor.

For more information on these upcoming changes visit Public Sector Contracting. You can also have a look at what the contractors and industry experts are saying about it in our Public Sector IR35 Forum.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status you can get an IR35 contract review. You can also cover your tax and IR35 risks with IR35 insurance.

There is further IR35 information below.

Ahead of the summer IR35 consultation, HMRC is already lowering your expectations.

Agency body warns of a legal showdown if recruiters are made to decide PSCs' status.

Review likes the look and feel of the unincorporated, but wants safety like a ‘Ltd.’  

Fresh IR35 assurance process guidance published, in wake of all BETs being off.

Taxman's new way to test PSC contractors for IR35 will be in beta by the spring.  

Tax body rejects 'SDC' in favour of a reporting requirement on contractors and clients.

Taxman to hear in the 'strongest terms' how his IR35 plan would ruin the contractor market.

Plan to reform IR35 could be opening a 'huge can of worms.'

David Morris MP wants to tackle the 'unnecessarily complicated' Intermediaries legislation.

Taxman denies accusations that he's shifted the goalposts on confirmation letters and IR35.

Latest IR35 Forum promised fresh advice, fewer meetings and 250 enquiries at a time.

Taxman has issued IR35 status decisions that he'll soon spell out to everybody.

A list of the latest talking points between the taxman and contractors' advisers.

'IR35 unlikely to rear its head in the Budget due to HMRC update just four days before it.'

IR35 investigations last year netted a paltry £430,000 for the Revenue.

What the IR35 Review says about the 'slow, cumbersome and mistrusted' Contract Review Service.

What the IR35 Review says about the increasingly quiet HMRC phone service.

A smattering of positives thanks to the IR35 Forum still smacks of far too little too late.

The 32 recommendations on IR35, and which of them HMRC accepts/rejects.

'The odds were stacked against the BETs from the off, so their withdrawal is not before time.'

IR35 Forum reminded that what gets recommended doesn't necessarily get implemented.

Advisers say the IR35 Scenarios and Business Entity Tests should be no more.

Experts say an (unintended) impact on IR35 is the likely result of employment status reform.

Monitor's exposé prompts public contractors to take steps to protect their status.

Updated IR35 guidance will clarify things for some, but alarm and unsettle others.

Ahead of today's debate on the state's IR35 response, the rule is seized on as being symptomatic. 

At-a-glance reactions to the government's PSC inquiry feedback.

HMRC wants to quiz contractors after it investigates them under IR35. 

The PSC Committee's report is scathing about the taxman, not contractors.

HMRC's letters demanding details about contract suppliers are 'unacceptable.'

'Forty IR35 staff keep 110,000 PSCs from paying almost everything in dividends.'

Business groups object to HMRC's 'blanket assumption' that PSCs are tax avoiders.

PSC inquiry was told by the taxman that IR35 is less effective than it actually is.

Lords given evidence on why IR35 should be suspended or scrapped.

Contractors can now have their say on the seemingly fruitful reforms to IR35.

Targeting fake self-employment will be on top of IR35, which won't be reformed in any way.

HMRC using salary and dividend totals to risk-assess PSC contractors for IR35.

Engagers get let off the hook from IR35's enormous financial consequences, Lords told.


HMRC enquiries into personal service companies are up four-fold on 2011-12.

Corporation wields the axe over 'controlled' freelancers who refuse to join its payroll.

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