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IR35 News

From April 6th 2017, IR35 status for Public Sector Contracting will be determined by the client, not the contractor.

For more information on these upcoming changes visit Public Sector Contracting. You can also have a look at what the contractors and industry experts are saying about it in our Public Sector IR35 Forum.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status you can get an IR35 contract review. You can also cover your tax and IR35 risks with IR35 insurance.

There is further IR35 information below.

Off-payroll advisers urge limited company workers to take heed of the terms, because courts are shining a light on what’s stated in the written agreement.

A very different starting 11 (with no substitution to boot) is handed to the soccer pundit, to explain why HMRC rightly blew the whistle on his status.

The Public Accounts Committee’s findings are cause to worry for companies, taxpayers and our economy, experts warn.

A ‘not doing enough’ taxman is told to stop ‘fiddling’ and find fixes for the ‘structural problems’ in his ‘poorly implemented’ off-payroll rules.

While advisers bicker about a bloody nose or not for the taxman, one limited company director must prepare to have her status picked apart for the fourth time.

The radio presenter is found wanting on a range of status factors, to the tune of £140,000.

‘Absolutely sickening’ of government to push bonafide business owners into ‘benefit-less’ employment.

The TV presenter goes off-script to tell viewers what he really thinks of the taxman.

Penalties being issuable from today for off-payroll non-compliance could scare clients into IR35 status caution.

Contractors will for once hope advisers are wrong; and HMRC is right -- that it’s ‘too early’ for any extension to be a 'done deal.'

Probing the off-payroll rules, PAC chair Meg Hillier mockingly accuses the top taxman of not normally inhabiting reality.

‘Part & parcel’ of his own PSC, the tele presenter triumphs despite the taxman going to some ‘scary’ lengths chasing £1.7millon.

Peers follow the NAO in rebuking the government on IR35 reform, but this time around, demand answers to a deadline.

Watchdog exposes ‘serious problems of HMRC’s own making,’ including charging non-compliant contractors the wrong amounts.

Off-payroll experts say a 79-page downplaying of the April 2017 rules renders some of the findings ‘unbelievable.’

Latest department to bodge the taxman’s off-payroll rules takes his public sector windfall for IR35 non-compliance to a colossal £244million.

Despite help from a Baroness, Lucy Frazer has to be corrected by HMRC and now, by contractor group IPSE.

Tweeted about her ‘tremendous’ knowledge-gap, the new minister appeared to the Lords as the personification of the taxman’s discredited evidence.

Off-payroll advisers say the evidence couldn’t be clearer, or more abundant, given there’s eight months of it.

The off-payroll probing peers make a beeline for ‘solutions,’ with CEST and SDP out in front.

Sounding stuck on the phrase ‘too early,’ the taxman is told he’s not telling peers a full or realistic IR35 reform story.

Another member of your client’s team as a sub is a sub you could do without, says ex-Revenue official.

No contract reviewer ‘worth their salt’ in the corner of Sky Sports’ Dave Clark saw him defenceless to HMRC -- experts.

‘Naïve arguments’ on the presenter’s behalf credited with a ‘big part of the nightmare’ for the Little Bit of Paradise director.

Silence on off-payroll and umbrellas speaks volumes -- that the ‘anti-contractor arc’ is now ‘business as usual’ for HMG.

Two separate inquiries into the Intermediaries legislation emerge on the cusp of Autumn Budget 2021.

The residual risk of IR35 just got real (for a bit) for two PSCs, confirming retrospective challenges are still a threat.

Neither inside nor outside means it’s time to consult a non-tool, to head off ‘horribly costly’ outcomes.

Not many advisers are in agreement about what the football referees’ status replay means for contractors.

Under a sort of drop-ball decision, PGMOL will restart at the FTT because judges committed fouls on Mutuality and Control.

Mid-sized clients exposed as treating off-payroll rules as a covid add-on, with most not tracking or tracing contractors for IR35.

Answers demanded as HM Courts & Tribunal Service fluffs off-payroll legislation, taking the taxman’s haul to £135million.

The taxman, the ultimate setter of deadlines, embarrassingly misses the cut-off to overturn a tribunal’s outside IR35 judgment.

Statement of Works users on official alert to ‘make sure you’re applying the rules correctly.’

The tech recruiter says a contractor hiring increase of 17% comes despite off-payroll 'concerns.'

The strange, ‘complex’ case of the contractor outside IR35, put inside IR35; who disagreed, only to rubbish a sub clause which a judge backed.

The April rules have helped bring the UK’s supply chains to crisis point, says the RHA.

Even by the taxman’s own figures, Check Employment Status for Tax is still not fit for purpose -- advisers.

Taxman forced to reveal that at just a little over its halfway point, his IR35 tool swallowed a lot -- almost £2million.

A Nationwide IT contractor who worked as a project manager falls short by 'fine margins.'

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