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The deadline to give peers your take on the off-payroll rules is imminent. Act now.

Peers ask for off-payroll rule price tags which (unlike HMRC’s) won’t fade under scrutiny.

New Treasury boss fails to impress with talk of off-payroll ‘improvements’ and a ‘not heavy-handed’ HMRC.

Are we all ready for the new IR35? Not according to HMRC’s straw poll on its latest webinar.

Paul wrote a short song and made a video all about IR35 reform.

‘Forget any soft landing, it’s enforcement action as necessary; prepared or not.’

Second off-payroll inquiry session hears HMRC has a blind-spot, and government can’t join up facts.

It’s up to contractor-taxpayers to take ‘reasonable care,’ as blaming your accountant for being late won’t wash.

Determinations like 'all caught,' 'all banned' (and the like) aren’t being made -- minister.

‘It’s tempting to think a new broom at HMT will sweep in change.’ But don’t, warn experts.

‘More concerning’ than the banks’ actions, is defence companies making do without ‘highly-skilled’ PSCs.

Loud off-payroll march gives even the ‘tin-earned Treasury’ no excuse to say it hasn’t been warned.

Off-payroll inquiry told that April’s reform should only ever be a ‘temporary sticking plaster.’

A rushed resolution to the longstanding off-payroll issue is undesirable. The softest of soft landings isn’t.

‘Third consecutive month of IT contractor demand getting deeper into negative territory warrants a delay.’

A confusing yet helpful Treasury tweak to ‘give businesses more time,’ makes any further delay look fanciful.

‘Go with the facts about how off-payroll reform has upended you, so forget ‘it isn’t fair’ rhetoric.’

As HMRC and HMT can’t rule a deferral out, contractors are called to get their written submissions in.

Despite the IR35 hype, and the Taylor Review fanfare, the SDM’s demise should be quite a quiet affair.

The former head of the National Audit Office is to be summoned over a review that’s left 40,000 contractors in the cold.

The investment firm is the latest to rate third-parties’ limited companies as too high-risk.

Taxman presses the launch button too early on more than 30 (draft) IR35 status manuals.

‘Lots’ of engagers are asking how to match their competitors so they too can operate PSCs outside IR35.

Only one word of difference in the minister’s secondary answer to two different probes about IR35 reform.

Given the PM’s ‘staggering’ disclosure, the end of the winding-up tax break looks like a case of ‘when not if.’

Blanketing in all but name? A pre-determined, role-based outcome is taking the gloss off the case-by-case treatment.

The initial drop-off in PSC numbers is projected to be significant, but so too is their resurgence.

Engagers will have 26 days between the final legislation and its launch to assess with certainty.

Debt transfer; HMRC’s clean-up plan and when an SDS isn’t an SDS, potentially. Experts weigh in.

What contractor recruitment leaders have told the chancellor about April’s off-payroll rules.

Engagers are getting covered to defuse the ticking time-bomb of you claiming for contributions.

How Lloyds are hitting us; hiking our taxes, eroding our bottom line and squeezing the life out of our business.

Chancellor told the off-payroll review on the back of his pledge isn’t cutting it.

Making a few quick admin and accounting moves is how nimble consultancies can fight back against the banks’ IR35 overreaching.

Aside from reassurance about historical enquiries, HMRC’s last minute-materials won’t mean much to most.

A new domino effect begins, with consultancies next to reel from banks’ ‘short-sightedness’ about April’s IR35 changes.

With unwieldy HMRC changes imminent, curbing how to challenge a public body looks poorly timed.

Having been on the receiving end of the courts, the PM moves to restrict how IT contractors often fight.

Britain’s largest bank brings the shutters down on third-party-provided-PSCs, in a ‘chilling’ IR35 reaction.

Taxman responds to a charge against his PDF for PSCs, by enlisting 45,000 businesses.

Even seasoned PSCs can’t afford to chance it this tax return season.

'Poorly positioned; ambiguous and disingenuous.' Advisers speak up about HMRC’s 11th hour attempt to educate.

And other ‘injustices’ to get fresh eyes, and ideas -- to tackle promoters and ‘indifferent’ HMRC.

An 11-year low is revealed by the REC, which warns of IR35 reform coming ‘at the worst time.’

‘Far too much to do in too little time, unless of course the review recommends nothing.’

Chancellor condemned for living up to neither the letter nor the spirit of his election promise.

The later than expected Budget may have the IR35 reform review to blame.

A growing number of experts see ‘cease and desist’ PSC policies as lacking staying power.

A better than expected Morse Review, for you and us, is why battleplans are being drawn up, by them.

Sajid Javid under mounting pressure over when, precisely, he’s going to keep his promise.

The middle ground is more palatable for the unaffected, but it doesn’t bring finality.

Almost 40,000 taxpayer-contractors will get financial relief under the Sir Amyas Morse Review.

Just what you’ve always wanted: the gift of an excuse to escape the in-laws over the festivities and file in solitude.

‘Health warnings’ going into 11th hour guidance for hirers set on HMRC’s tool from January.

GSK, Wells Fargo, Aberdeen Standard Life and Rolls-Royce drive PSCs out of their ranks -- for good.

Risk is calling almost all the shots being fired at ‘Ltd’ suppliers. The government ought now to listen.

From HMRC defeats to knee-jerk banks, 2019 was eventful for contractors. But 2020 is set to be huge.

Four off-payroll fundamentals that PSC workers can’t afford not to broach. And in order.

Change it, shelve it or scrap it outright? The review could be as divisive as the legislation itself.

Forget events prime minister, it’s timings (of IR35, the Loan Charge) that risks decimating the freelance sector.

Despite being the last major party to pledge an IR35 reform review, it’s a resounding win for Boris Johnson and his Tories.

Confusion-cleared-up? Logic? Or a sign of just how convoluted IR35 has become?

A radioactive waste operator joins more banks in taking the nuclear option to IR35 reform.

PSCs to soon have ‘IR35 certainty,’ even if that means getting just 8 weeks’ lead time.

Agency body asks the next government to halt reform, given IT contractor demand is already in the red.

The party’s vow to axe April’s rules is ‘clarified’ as a plan to look at them and seek replacement.

Word-for-word: what Labour has now put on the record about April 2020's rules.

Despite the tweaks, HMRC’s tool is still seen as flawed -- as end-users are finding out to their cost.

ContractorUK readers called to join today’s demo, designed so Sajid Javid can’t say he wasn’t warned.

Whoever replaces Paul Uppal should get the SBC’s terms, remit and scope replaced too.

Chancellor’s pledge for Tories to ‘see if the IR35 changes are right’ fails to win hearts and minds.

The telco’s PSC ban could affect many thousands – now, and later if retrospective HMRC fears are realised.

Your complex or legacy IT system could win you an extension to your HMRC filing date.

Contractor body reveals which politician said what -- and to what effect at its small business pitch-off.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party goes one better than the Lib Dems, saying stopping IR35 is now official policy.

Question-heavy, IT sector-friendly, the new live CEST is already ‘confusing the hell’ out of some.

No matter who wins general election 2019, the winding-up tax break looks like a loser.

Jeremy Corbyn wants a new employment category for everyone except those in business on their own account.

Swinson’s axe-the-Loan-Charge-vow will win her natural Conservative voters, predicts LBC’s Iain Dale.

WTT endorses 11 actions to help engagers through 11th hour IR35 preparations.

It may be outside the public sector, and inside of Whitehall, but a review of off-payroll proposals is ‘freelance-friendly.’

LCAG fears recommendations are already with the Revenue, in breach of terms.

Respected asset management firm testing its PSCs with HMRC’s discredited tool.

The ITV, Sky News and Channel 5 presenter deals the taxman another status blow.

Jo Swinson, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn leave IR35 out of their business community pitches.

The three party leaders’ new comments hold policy clues for the contractor sector.

PSCs at HSBC and M&G get extended until March, as talent and cost alerts persist.

Like us, taxpayers should deal in the facts, not some speculative or wished-for outcome -- WTT.

The 'vital' contractor workforce speaks up about the off-payroll rules, and it’s hungry for more from agents and clients.

With just 20 weeks to go, two more financial firms consign PSCs to history. But three other clients are resisting.

In an event-run world of murky twilight, shifting sands, and contrasting views, toe the line.

Slowdown hits just as the Brexit extension brings hirers back from the brink.

A status square-off between two public sector giants has led to a potentially calculated throwing in of the towel.

The UK contractor industry’s first ever awards ceremony was a resounding success. For these 20 firms especially.

‘No need to be concerned?’ Or the start of a ‘guilty until proven otherwise fishing expedition’?

Five specialisms that are ‘hot’ right now, and five more to get you through the cold snap.

The problem of a private sector too ‘unaware’ of ‘fundamental change’ is pinned on the taxman.

But the Zurich-led country won’t let you use your limited, not that it matters if money talks.

MPs say going to the polls on the 12th makes the disclosure requirement on the 31st ‘illegitimate.’

Taxman demands millions from the health service’s digital arm, for fumbling its use of his own ‘toolkit.’