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Bolt-on number 4 for the Warrington contractor accountant seems to add up.

Quick plan of action sought to divert an ‘overlooked’ hit on importers’ cashflow.

‘Unacceptable’ way to count response times is blasted, after 12minutes became four minutes.

Companies House shares its ‘flagrant 50’ -- the applicants rejected for rudeness.

It’s over to you to decide if your previous company’s closure should be more taxing.

Why at this time of year testing the market or playing hardball can be fatal.

Is reforming the reform the only way the Conservatives can win back the trust of the UK’s two million contractors?

But January is jolting clients into action, thanks to ‘new year, new job’ resolutions.   

Meltdown and Spectre may be 2018’s most ‘clear and present’ earnings opportunity.

Despite IR35, an IT market analyst says state bodies must hire beyond their four walls.

Brexit and IR35 gave a traditionally cold month for IT contractors an extra iciness.

Being ‘Ltd’ is now the standard operating procedure for property investors.

Here’s four to get you started, to help towards a more profitable year.

‘Digital tax accounts destined for the same bungled fate if three areas are ignored.’

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at ContractorUK!

Six areas that will majorly evolve; even dominate the IT landscape over the next year.

But whether contractors will have more than just ‘little or no impact’ remains to be seen.

March 13 is the next date for your diary, but ‘major new policy’ isn’t the intention.

Contract IT recruiter goes from fired for misconduct to hired by Lord Sugar.

Site operators urged to insist on six characters or more, or they’re ‘reckless, if not idle.

But will Lord Sugar choose the ex-TEKSystems recruiter as his business partner?

Be a doer of deeds, not the detractor, when on a network designed to boost your career.

Collaboration, determination and preparation are amongst the advice for private sector PSCs. 

How to respond as a public sector PSC, when your IR35 status gets rejected.

Give recognition to the people who helped you contract in the last year.

Get to grips with what’s not a boring bit of paper, to have a window into your brolly.

Amid all the skills scarcity, some will get you hired rapidly -- others will leave your chances cold.

Consequences for the EU -- and UK -- will be significant post-March 30th 2019. Right!?

What do Hammond's measures mean for you, your income, your business strategy, and the future of IR35?

Good, bad or incompatible? Contractor bosses clash over Hammond’s IR35 move.

The main areas where Hammond hit (or helped) limited and umbrella workers.

An unchanged forecast for your finances won’t excite, but 'no news is good news.'

Chancellor clears the ground to widen April's off-payroll rules, but is cheered for not bulldozing.

Hammond unveils his second Budget, to 'build a Britain fit for the future.'

The inaugural Autumn Budget is almost here: how might it affect your cash?

Are you in the 15%? You've got options but, unlike HMRC, you'll probably wish they were better.

It's not only this Budget that supporters of ER will want it to emerge from unscathed.

Below pay and perks is your status -- unexplained, but of the utmost importance.

Just because our sector can manage, it’ll be remiss of the government if it repeats its mistakes.

Four fundamental wrongs in a new settlement plan make it unacceptable to contractors.

The 22nd isn't just about IR35, as Hammond tends to hit PSCs on multiple fronts.

My half-year assessment of IR35 in the public sector is in -- and it doesn't look very good.

Sole trader or 'Ltd'? Here’s how your skills development options should be improved.

A formal bid to keep the off-payroll rules public sector-only nears a government response.

'An extension to the trust registration deadline for self-assessing doesn’t go far enough.'

Scarcity of computer skills soars, with 22 types of techie now deemed 'hard to find.'

Big dent in the £85,0000 ceiling billed as a ‘disaster’ for one-person traders.

At-a-glance rundown of what OTS is proposing on Value Added Tax, and why.

The ability of even the US President to incite backlash may be dwarfed by the chancellor's on the 22nd.

UK capital goes from almost no shortages to half a dozen in just a month.

Autumn Budget expected to contain a suspension or snip to the £85,000 threshold.

Woman who stole over £40,000 from the taxman has her sentence suspended.

Speculation over whether thousands face changes to how they work plays on Radio 4.

Revenue reminded that only 5% of what’s missing is from people ducking their liabilities.

As one fight against the off-payroll rules 'takes a breath,' another vows to go the distance.

'Multiple' judicial reviews threatened, to expose 'kangaroo court' assessments of PSCs.

July's record of what was said is quietly replaced, but it’s still deemed 'unreflective.'

APSCo, IPSE and Qdos take issue with the financial secretary to the Treasury.

A single way to treat courses no matter how attendees freelance is fairer, chancellor told.

The officials who can decide to widen April's rules talk of 'fairness' and 'unchecked behaviour.'

Three ways to ease Value Added Tax’s complexity said to be incoming.

The unattractive are a shoo-in for uninteresting work, at the expense of the good-looking.

Blinkered and naïve, the Revenue is digging a deeper hole for itself.

Less than a year to correct UK tax issues or filings for your offshore matters.

Conditions for IT contractors improving despite EU ambiguity, or perhaps because of it.

Other anti-contractor measures, affecting take-home pay, regarded as just as likely.

A true champion of small businesses would tackle IR35 and the dividend tax, says Qdos.

Appeal for HMRC to be 'sympathetic,' despite its 'business as usual' stance.

Contractors' preferred way to pay spreads to the general economy, beating forecasts five-fold.

Off-payroll rule implementation was 'unlawful,' NHS unions allege.

Guidance, examples and a calculator called for to cut through complexity.

Crooks exploit HMRC's fault-finding reputation, to get you clicking on an illusion.

First public body to have banned PSCs is now the first to suggest its services to taxpayers will suffer.

The press pack’s reporting of the Glenister case is wrong, unhelpful and dangerous.

BBC Hustle star says he's the victim of a cash grab -- over his employment status.

Chancellor tipped to go big on November 22nd, making IR35 reform a firmer prospect.

Taxman's tie-ups to get data automatically are making him probe more, not less.

One-person firms unware of the 'SBC,' and unconvinced the state is serious.

There's a three-fold story unfolding, and part of it features a 30% rate increase.

Your last chance to discuss data protection guarantees, before you have to make them.

Top taxman goes on the offensive over the off-payroll rules, but he's on the backfoot -- again.

Former businessman with 20 years' experience hired as the UK’s late payment tsar.

The PM's Florence speech didn't do definitives, but the expectation on compliance is clear.

But a shortage of red meat is making company directors hungry for more, says the IoD.

Revenue challenged not just to make tax digital, but 'do-able' as well.

Contractor sector is pressing the taxman over his minute-taking at the IR35 Forum.

Top tips, examples and diagrams deployed to clear up confusion about brollies.

There's no gunpowder or plot, but HMRC could next week deem you a treasonous taxpayer.

Woman who works on behalf of the state put in custody for potentially spying against it.

'Define self-employment, set new legal tests and introduce dependent contractor status.'

Multiple concerns aren't getting in the way of the off-payroll rules being hailed as a success.

The death of SA302s appears to have been greatly exaggerated -- as a problem.

Tweak to who's caught, coincides with fresh Forum minutes and 'ESS' becoming 'CEST.'

Chancellor warned off private sector IR35 reform, as it'll leave HMRC short-changed.

Tax bodies say anti-limited company measures make DR more necessary, not less.

The likes of Crossrail connects with the growing mass of engineers who want flexibility.

Nine areas of the temporary IT skills market are 'hot,' even as the colder months loom.

IR35 solution provider hit by the ASA, as its marketing claims are branded 'misleading.'

The founder of SJD Accountancy returns, offering an IR35-inspired model for contractors.

Chancellor called to let latecomers to contracting access pension pots to help their start-up.