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Quarter of techies go without at Christmas, or if not, what they get isn’t what they want.

Contractors who collapse will have to pay the taxman second, not fourth, from when IR35 changes.

Victorious newcomers, stalwarts still on top, and the former taxman of the moment.

Who’s won what at the 12th annual awards voted for by you.

Christmas for contractors looks set to be quiet, except for the risk-taking rate-chasers.

IPSE to spotlight the new, the young, and the best, with projects or 'side-hustles.'

The REC finds scarce freelance IT specialisms to have more than doubled.

Contractors will stick to their guns, but most of the unmoved are settlors.

Doing nothing but waiting for HMRC to agree with the Lords isn’t wise (where MTD is concerned).

‘The tide is turning,’ as over 100 MPs join peers and industry figures to denounce ‘monstrous’ legislation.

Multiple failures, and even something sinister, exposed by peers probing the ‘retrospective’ tax.

‘Awareness, resources and costs are all grounds to give tiny firms longer on digital tax accounts.’

Early birds who last year dodged HMRC’s ‘customer-unfriendliness’ will now be caught too.

Hammond’s talk about helping families hasn’t translated into alleviation.

Lawspeed's Adrian Marlowe announces his stance on the NAO probe into the BBC's usage of PSCs.

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation announces its take on the latest migration figures.

An investigation into ‘Ltd’ TV presenters points to an awful mess, with stark long-term implications.

Charity calls IT workers to help it be a support system, as most of them feel alone.

Some peers and MPs are our modern-day Snark hunters -- and they seek fairness for contractors.

‘And even if MTD is postponed, tiny companies must be persuaded not pushed.’

Chancellor finally concedes that disguised remuneration scheme users aren’t tax ‘evaders.’

The chancellor and his Treasury could be blurring the lines intentionally.

Taxman’s jazzy jingle is so bad it drove a drummer back to business.

The official lowdown on going flat for VAT to go live next month.

Making HMRC a preferred creditor will push contractors down the ‘pay me’ pecking order.

Even if the alerts ring true, high-end IT contractors look unlikely to be fazed.

Get the official take from the taxman if you used a scheme but don’t intend to settle.

The established are being overrun by the east on international take-home pay.

Budget 2018 bound to be behind the blunter IT contractor demand but overall, opportunities are growing.

On top of ‘refining’ reform, HMRC is now looking at ‘redrafting’ its MOO paper.

No new guidance coming, as the rule-breakers are deliberate, and the unawares are unaware.

'Astonished' I’m even being asked if they owe tax retrospectively, chancellor dares.

HMRC not collecting record revenue amounts 'could drive people out of business.'

‘Emotions may still be running high, but the time for pondering is over.’

Your invitation to give thanks to the people who helped you contract in the last year.

Forget giveth and taketh away, with PSCs, this chancellor is all taketh.

Hammond’s IR35 haul to net more in a single year than any other measure in the entire Budget.

If T&S is anything to go by, let’s get on the IR35 reform track of tweaking, not taking issue.

‘Very bad’ Budget for contractors, as Hammond hits PSCs ‘very hard indeed.’

‘Spreadsheet Phil’ delays full IR35 reform until 2020, and lets off PSCs with small clients.

Chancellor pushes on with private sector IR35 reform, albeit only from 2020 and just for PSCs at medium or large firms.

"To increase compliance with existing off-payroll working rules (IR35) in the private sector..."

As long as you ‘pros’ act now, the ‘cons’ of an off-payroll extension can be mitigated.

Wealth expert tots up where we are now with nest eggs, and where we could be on Monday.

Doing due diligence on umbrellas will come into its own should IR35 change again.

Hammond raiding PSCs looks likely, on top of the rash but realistic option of him reforming IR35.

Start your IR35 reform prep now by joining us on Tuesday to unpack Monday’s Red Book.

Clients, agencies and PSCs get practical tips if the worst happens on Monday.

Now or never for a chancellor under the cosh, including from the 'demoralised self-employed.'

April deadline gets put back for some to October, just days after minister’s ‘no delay’ claim.

Small business minister rules out a further hiatus for digital tax accounts.

Three scenarios for Britons who work in the EU are on the table, ahead of a ‘deal of sorts.’

Taxman’s push to bypass ‘important’ safeguards on materials he’d like is being resisted.

Expected announcements on personal tax and pensions to pinch most if you pay at 40%.

Package with a bold claim is welcomed, but biting late payers is still seen as the ultimate solution.

MPs, ministers and HMRC position IR35 reform on October 29th as a long shot.

Brief overview of the economic landscape and a background into the current market.

Alerts go out to a taxman who’s increasingly fighting with a barrister, but losing.

IPSE tells the chancellor to put providers and barristers in the crosshairs instead.

Evidence matters: how to show HMRC (and your client) that you’re not caught by IR35.

Slump in candidate availability suggests now should be a less competitive time to jump ship.

UK-EU uncertainty may kick the IR35 reform can down the road to Spring Statement 2019.

The 'can’t get more freelance than me' TV presenter is 'next on the taxman’s chopping block.'

Watch-list of where the chancellor could taketh away doesn’t bode well for tiny traders.

Eight reasons why you must register quickly to soon self-assess (includes if you’re a new PSC).

Being less of an expert just to land the job is a requirement for one in three self-employed.

The chancellor omitting IR35 to conference doesn’t mean he’ll omit it on Budget day.

'Pretty confident' legal fight against HMRC retrospection calls on contractors for cash.

The prospect of off-payroll rules for all keeps on-contract numbers firmly in the red.

Treasury minister says modernising Class 2, not axing it as promised, shows government support.

Treasury disappoints those hoping for no IR35 reform, by scheduling an early Budget.

The taxman takes on more of your disguised remuneration gripes.

What the taxman has to say about 14 of your disguised remuneration gripes.

John McDonnell omitting the umbrella ban pledge isn’t cause to think it’s been shelved.

‘Hugely significant, landmark settlement could be a catalyst for many more.’

Female PSC boss uses taxman’s CEST decision against him -- to grant her permie-style rights.

One rule for the BBC and another for us is a dangerous premise to extend IR35 reform on.

A ‘both good and bad’ immigration package is tabled for post-Brexit Britain.

Registering an intention to settle with HMRC is a window that's closing, fast.

‘Help is available,’ reassures a group serving HMRC’s ‘unrepresented’ customers.

Four steps to help beat the blues if you’re in a team of one.

Corporation 'hopeful' of an HMRC settlement over its presenters’ IR35 liabilities.

Contractors called to act on a trio of different issues threatening their livelihoods.

Kinky costumes join the list of expenseable items, at least for one self-employed taxpayer.

Run a company singlehandedly? Work on your own? ‘You’re not alone.’

Comfortable growth for tech contractors is outshone by permie demand and scarcity.

Despite 'many' and 'strong' pointers to the BBC employing her, one PSC isn't giving up.

Calling time on the taxman’s 30-day clock is denounced as likely to hurt companies’ cashflow.

Brief overview of the economic landscape and a background into the current market.

Buoyant, modern sectors are making a historical hotspot for contractors a shoo-in.

Blatant bias of HMRC lurks behind figures purporting to show CEST passing the test.

A passive-aggressive query tops the table of irritating things people say on email.

Brolly avoidance guide is launched to approval, but bosses say it's not rocket science.

HMRC's five-minute response target almost missed, and its 10-minute wait volume almost exceeded.

VAT-registered companies handed fresh guidance on what to do from April 2019.

The rise of AI and the self-employed is why one proposal has become eight.

Chancellor tipped to use Budget 2018 to make pensions more taxing for top earners.

Bounty payments totalling almost £350k go to people HMRC says should keep quiet.

Apps are changing financial services’ reputation from rate-enhancer to life-enricher. Are you benefiting?

Digital, micro and young businesses called to compete in a national contest.