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The health service’s hiring managers are struggling with ‘disastrous’ reform – study.

New anti-money laundering rules will be the eye of a perfect legislative storm from Tuesday.

Cordova expected to pass Rust on its way down from hirers’ websites.

As a new CEST is rumoured, emails show ‘Ltd’ was all but compulsory for BBC talent.

Telling lies and turning blind eyes if IR35 changes could put PSCs' partners in the dock.

A 'candid' late payment tsar reveals success is still in single figures, despite him being operational for eight months.

'And even then, with Brexit, MTD and IR35 reform looming, it needs conditions.'

A lender’s new offer is shaped around the Treasury changing buy-to-let’s economics.

Javid's plan will lead to more highly skilled workers from abroad in UK tech.

Firms warned they face a ‘tsunami of claims’ from ex-contractors demanding cash.

Agency says clients tried to turn contractors, yet today the experienced have the edge.

Ex-tax inspector says it’ll all backfire for HMRC if Direct Engagement schemes flourish.

The ceiling for when VAT applies should be higher than today’s £85,000, says IPSE.

Far from moving away from them, the BBC’s payments to ‘Ltd’ presenters are up 25%.

Same old-same old for clients, yet a 10-month high for IT contractors.

Be ‘very careful’ not to spark an HMRC investigation, dual income taxpayers told.

A hardening taxman is on the lookout for ‘out of the ordinary’ transactions.

A ‘bird’s eye view’ of IT communities in niche sectors should let you swoop down on the gaps.

Ministers must do what the taxman won’t -- keep their ears, eyes and minds open.

PSC directors who bet their home for a loan lose big in a property downturn -- BoE.

NAO tipped to tackle why the taxman’s external tech help bill is up by 9,000%.

Don’t panic about HMRC delays, but bear in mind they unfortunately won’t affect IR35 reform.

IPSE: Taxman’s responsiveness will worsen should status decisions be made more difficult.

The road is long, expensive and emotional draining, say tiny tech company founders.

Five areas of the private sector IR35 reform proposal fail the (whole) truth test.

Slightly less liabilities on hirers, plus chain-wide IR35 compliance? HMRC may have found its answer.

‘Strong demand for only partially financially-satisfied contractors is due to post-GDPR work, not just pre.’

What GDPR is; how to comply and why IT contractors will probably welcome it.

Delays, increased costs and bigger workloads. And that’s the government’s own findings.

We’ll keep objecting, but off-payroll rules on all PSCs are now a foregone conclusion, experts say.

A lot for the taxman to tackle before 2020 (no sooner please), because his thinking is flawed.

Qdos wants your views about being a PSC amid the BBC/NHS/IR35 debacle.

‘Unimaginative,’ ‘shameful,’ ‘outrageous.’ Or is it just a cry to contractors for help?

For the first time, Tier 2 is denying hundreds of firms the techies they say they want.

Not for want of trying! HMRC fails in its second attempt to catch a PSC ‘well-versed’ in IR35.

A taxman going back over a decade in 'reasonable care' cases is 'wrong in principle.'

PSCs -- look forward, because a perfect storm of contractor regulation is brewing.

Private sector IR35 reform? Yes, but not as you know it.

Steep rise in HMRC’s use of its potentially ‘unfair, uncontrolled, gloves-off’ agents.

‘Can you hear me now?’ Small firms come forward to pinpoint network not-spots.

Urgently place reform that has decimated IT contracting under a microscope, says IHPA.

Brexit puts the full rollout of HMRC's digital revolution on 'pause.'

Stephen Lloyd MP tackles the ‘unfair’ backdating of Disguised Remuneration rules.

Why there are two IT security areas you won’t need to look at (as much) before you leap.

Four-month spree comes to an end for IT contractors, but demand overall is still ‘huge’.

A £900k IR35 case hears that news presenters had little choice but to be ‘Ltd.’

People likely to be panicked into paying the taxman are being targeted by crooks.

And it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ if data is outsourced or exported, despite GDPR.

Taxman’s blind faith in his own tool is no surprise, but it could have a sting in its tail.

The three things you need to do to help land premiums, not pain, when jumping jobs.

MPs decline their ‘inexact’ chair’s invite to grill taxmen about policies for PSCs.

The Revenue’s penalty regime is about to ratchet up in earnest.

Contractor debt advisory’s concern is echoed by a national small business body.

City lawyers say the taxman’s admission is why you shouldn’t simply pay up.

Broadcaster hands cash to around 15 of its PSCs hit by ‘devasting’ HMRC demands.

One year since reform, ‘the guinea pig’ is squealing over having to pay higher rates.

Three big Brexit issues unsettle most consultants, who remain ‘in the dark’ on visas.

A new Carillion-inspired package is good, but it could do better for IT freelancers’ cashflow.

Flat rate treatment for all (regardless of employment status), hailed as too big a prize to ignore.

Probes into potential Criminal Finances Act breaches seen as ‘the tip of the iceberg.’

Health service’s IT hub operating with only a score of ‘deeply technically’ skilled security people.

IT agency boss sounds business-as-usual verdict, as any changes ‘some way off.’

Tax body reveals what needs resolving now to stop a spread to the private sector.

Contractors seen ‘turning their backs on PSCs' for the fourth month in a row.

If the taxman took reasonable care, then his guidance would by now reflect a 2017 verdict.

The BBC’s man on IR35 says the Treasury will get what it wants this autumn.

A first of its kind win for one of two businessmen whose conviction will be ‘forgotten.’

Wrongly being found inside IR35 will drive life-saving PSCs outside the country.

Top accountant says skills-development should be less taxing for freelance techies.

The government is ready to listen, so sole-person business supporters are filling its ear.

Regardless of what agencies and clients put in place, changing IR35 is a non-starter for most PSCs.

Govt: ‘Forfeit your deals if you don’t pay tiny suppliers in a fair and effective way.’

Women with their own PSC are already helping beat the UK’s male pay bias.

Why the usual flood of limited company tax changes seems to have turned into a trickle.

March saw clients raise starting rates to draw you into the computer security fold.

Steria tops the table of big government contractors paying women less than men.

What hurt take-home pay is now uniting lobbyists, but they want reform, not repeal.

Contractor relinquishes his public role against IR35, citing a lack of commitment.

First ever prosecution for false company info costs a prankster PSC £12,000.

If you’re not directly affected, chances are one of your contractor colleagues is.

Despite the chancellor’s claim, support for PSCs seems a bit on the slim side.

Qdos believes that if IR35 befuddles the taxman, it must be beyond firms too.

Taxman hints he’s using his experience in the public sector to change IR35 in the private sector.

An overview of the latest IR35 Forum’s other big talking points.

New tax offences like a fresh disguised remuneration requirement, to hit from April.

DPOs have never had it so good – or as competitive, due to the overhaul in May.

Firms will ask how they’re meant to decide IR35, when not even HMRC can get it right.

Three status factors and a bungling HMRC can’t keep a courageous PSC down.

‘PSCs being misclassified will inspire another select committee in two years’ time.’

A squeeze on the Budget looms, as it’s set to coincide with costing our exit from the EU.

Even the iPhone creator was once unreachable -- at a time when he was job-hunting.

IR35 in flux means it’s vital to optimise your dividends, as a clawback is almost here.

As a radio host’s anguish leads to her attempted suicide, the BBC takes action.

The IR35 digital tool acquired comic status at yesterday’s select committee.

The recruiter’s UK bottom line is improving thanks to IT contractor demand rising.

Three ‘sweet spots’ for freelance consultants may leave consultancy firms bitter.

Some PSCs' IR35 liabilities may be met by the BBC, but it won’t meet MPs tomorrow.

Second expert says a fifth of your income could go if ‘inside IR35’ under April’s regime.

Agents, PSCs and brollies rally against April’s IR35 reforms just being superimposed.

Growing consensus is that April 2020 is when IR35 is much more likely to change.