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Despite contractors of the two brollies getting fresh details, the big question for clients of SJD Accountancy and Nixon Williams isn’t being answered.

The FCSA’s two other founder firms, potentially seen as ‘fat’ from IR35 reform like Giant, get hit by cybercriminals.

Festive season slowed growth for freelance techies, yet ‘short term cover’ requirements are next.

Professional freelancers’ faith in the economy, and themselves, nosedived just after the off-payroll rules hit.

Well wishes issued to IPSE’s former boss, and an alert: ‘Changing personnel will not remove FCSA’s challenges.’

Contractors specifically asked to respond to HM Treasury’s call on the brolly sector, even if it is overdue.

Clients soon compelled to a ‘by the book’ approach looks like a boon for lots of truly off-payroll workers.

Hiring managers ticking the substitution box is central to why even the government can’t get HMRC’s rules right.

The best advice on the market to help make your next 12 months of contracts a doddle.

Latest department to bodge the taxman’s off-payroll rules takes his public sector windfall for IR35 non-compliance to a colossal £244million.

Home Office says all engagers can use Identification Document Validation Technology on April 6th and beyond.

A 90-day countdown to a new era of contractor hiring has already begun. So get your gig sorted for April 6th.

Even keeping a limited company going is no guarantee of relief, as Allam V HMRC shows.

LCAG shares its Christmas wonder: how a nod through in 2018 still has reverberations in almost 2022, with lives lost, ruined and remaining at risk.

Taking end-users at their word and accepting all’s in hand could unravel. Potentially as soon as April 2022.

Continually knocking the most viable solution today seems odd, especially with algorithms assisting so many.

Despite help from a Baroness, Lucy Frazer has to be corrected by HMRC and now, by contractor group IPSE.

Tweeted about her ‘tremendous’ knowledge-gap, the new minister appeared to the Lords as the personification of the taxman’s discredited evidence.

Lucy Frazer is to be grilled on off-payroll matters by Lords who are known to lament the loan charge.

Off-payroll advisers say the evidence couldn’t be clearer, or more abundant, given there’s eight months of it.

'Strong end to the year' for temporary techies, in terms of opportunities and rates -- REC.

The off-payroll probing peers make a beeline for ‘solutions,’ with CEST and SDP out in front.

Boris Johnson widens Omicron restrictions to include a policy many contractor sector businesses are operating already.

The call for evidence on umbrella companies is welcome, but it’s not before time.

Nominations open to suppliers supporting contractors after a challenging period, with everything from COVID-19 to IR35 reform.

Sounding stuck on the phrase ‘too early,’ the taxman is told he’s not telling peers a full or realistic IR35 reform story.

Some of the obstacles of the last 12 months may start to clear, yet IR35 isn’t going anywhere.

Paying for your own status assessment? It’s part of today’s bitter truth of being in business on your own account.

Unexpectedly, HMT gives ContractorUK readers a chance to help shape the future of brolly regulation.

Recruiters relieved at now in-force covid rules omitting forced leave from workplaces.

The feedback form for the beta service looks likely to be mixed, as division over the risk-checker continues.

Sir Matthew Taylor’s successor is finally appointed, and it’s ‘someone with a real idea of what goes on.’

With experts finding him ‘threatening, aggressive, damn scary, and even baring teeth,’ the ‘perception’ to traders of a taxman to fear seems rooted in reality.

Government keeps ‘doing nothing but publishing some guidance,’ but a new Revenue three-parter is hailed as a ‘must-read.’

Add IR35 inertia into the mix, and we could see the unblocking of issues that both blight HMRC and harm contractors.

Knowing a fettered right won’t deliver is among the takeaways of a new courier case for PSCs trying to avoid IR35.

Revenue says the decision that brolly contractors working across its operations are only from FCSA members is not its to make.

Another member of your client’s team as a sub is a sub you could do without, says ex-Revenue official.

October saw a ‘slowdown’ in freelance tech skills, as a ‘new recovery phase’ begins.

Rishi Sunak written to by 245 MPs asking for what the PM is being lobbied on too – a ‘further review’ of HMRC’s 'cover-up.'

No contract reviewer ‘worth their salt’ in the corner of Sky Sports’ Dave Clark saw him defenceless to HMRC -- experts.

A tool is similar to the ‘cut and paste’ which helped defeat Dave Clark. It’s just not dependable.

‘Naïve arguments’ on the presenter’s behalf credited with a ‘big part of the nightmare’ for the Little Bit of Paradise director.

A laudable intention that’s gone totally awry, so HMRC, ministers, even peers, must remedy off-payroll’s many harms.

Foreign techies should be among the mix to fix what Brexit and covid are exacerbating.

Words get the blame in letters between a trade boss and politicians, but it’s new questions over HMRC’s umbrella usage which now need answers.

‘Toothless’ or not, the SBC is posing you seven queries to get a ‘clearer picture’ of payment issues.

Chancellor’s moves on high-skilled migration disappoint for coming across as exclusionary and disjointed.

As the FCSA faces questions, and attacks, the feeling that Sunak missed an opportunity pervades.

IR35, umbrellas, and just about everything else the chancellor did or didn’t announce that impacts ContractorUK readers.

Personal finance expert Paul Mayhew reviews some of the Autumn Budget’s money measures.

Silence on off-payroll and umbrellas speaks volumes -- that the ‘anti-contractor arc’ is now ‘business as usual’ for HMG.

Rishi Sunak delivers his third Budget, to build a ‘stronger economy’ and make Britain a ‘tech superpower.’

Two separate inquiries into the Intermediaries legislation emerge on the cusp of Autumn Budget 2021.

FairScore can beat back the Frankenstein monster, but it’s up to Sunak to banish it.

Covid is weighted against the contractor sector getting two big fixes it wants from the chancellor.

Twelve pages lay bare all that's happened since the Morse Review to make it ‘fail to deliver’.

Adaptability is a quality many have but for some contractors, a master-servant relationship may be a bend too far.

Contractor accountant Patrick Gribben doesn’t expect a bold chancellor, especially with two big tax hikes already incoming.

Competition for techie talent is putting pay on a next level, yet it’s reserved just for contractors.

Four-part Revenue factsheet could be a substitute, or starting pistol, for umbrella company regulation measures next Wednesday.

As the case of The Trainline two shows, HMRC remains interested in PSCs -- just forget your accountant’s old adage.

Umbrella company says it’s back to ‘business as usual,’ although questions remain over data protection.

The residual risk of IR35 just got real (for a bit) for two PSCs, confirming retrospective challenges are still a threat.

Autumn Budget is unfortunately too soon for an overhaul of the complex, erosive HMRC policy.

Rishi Sunak called to unblock the HMRC-contractor ‘impasse’ on disguised remuneration.

Despite strong demand potentially levelling off, starting pay is at a 24-year high, even before ‘one-off financial incentives’.

Two scams are seeking to victimse agencies, workers, and umbrellas. Unfortunately, contractors are at risk from both.

The taxman will spread his wings beyond Oil, Gas and Finance, despite the ‘soft landing.’

Neither inside nor outside means it’s time to consult a non-tool, to head off ‘horribly costly’ outcomes.

Why we should all recognise Check Employment Status for Tax as only one of many means to an end.

The silver lining of the still dark cloud over UK contracting is that umbrella regulation-resisters will finally have to fold.

Ominous for October? Careless, interpreting SMEs and income tax-NICs have both been depriving the exchequer the most.

Back your boss not your two predecessors upon whose watch seven people died, LCAG advises new minister.

Even if the footy refs are winning on aggregate, the last fixture went the taxman’s way -- not that he can next play the same on MoO.

As a leading umbrella company is undone by hackers, at least a dozen other brollies are hit by 'attack of the clones.'

More than 60% of contractors are already benefiting from ‘brand value/reputation.’ Isn’t it time you prepared for Autumn too?

Not many advisers are in agreement about what the football referees’ status replay means for contractors.

Contractors can step in to help take data protection in a new direction. If that’s wise.

September 30th is a cut-off many can’t afford to ignore. Not that HMRC is making successful applications easy.

Under a sort of drop-ball decision, PGMOL will restart at the FTT because judges committed fouls on Mutuality and Control.

Revealed: Three personality-types that make engagers of IT contractors difficult, overbearing, even notorious.

Returning to a path well-trodden, the taxman is policing PSCs’ payrolls, potentially as a 'way-in’ to probing IR35.

Mid-sized clients exposed as treating off-payroll rules as a covid add-on, with most not tracking or tracing contractors for IR35.

Billings, shortages, and rates are still all but off the charts in the temp tech sector.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak accused of not understanding the tiny enterprises which the economy needs.

Umbrella contractors are the worst off, but the PM’s new 1.25% levy is set to sting almost all in UK contracting.

A lucky legislative start means many of your data transfers are now covered by ‘adequacy.’ Yet not forever, and likely not all.

Prime minister lambasted by a former fund manager for an ‘ambiguous’ WFH stance.

How the contractor-friendly bank regards you, and how many times salary it’ll lend.

Not for the first time, scheme users are being made aware by the taxman while scheme promoters look on. So contractors, it’s time to protect your position.

Ending the era of in-person hiring is a monumental decision that will help the UK deal with covid, Brexit and skills shortages.

The punishment for looting covid relief is expectantly harsh, yet dissolving is no escape.

Home Office acts on ‘feedback’ that physical checks have had their day, and commits to a ‘new digital solution.’

An off-payroll reviewer says engagers are climbing mountains to reach outside IR35 determinations.

The telco’s hack is so big it could impact you both as a customer and as a processor or subprocessor, with security-confidentiality obligations.

Answers demanded as HM Courts & Tribunal Service fluffs off-payroll legislation, taking the taxman’s haul to £135million.

The horrors of the pandemic might be subsiding but like infection, undead firms continue to pose a risk to PSC owners.

Do you want to be the football guru on ContractorUK and win a cash prize?

We hope the Labour leader joins both us and the many supporters of the mis-sold to resolve this abject tax injustice -- once and for all.