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A new Carillion-inspired package is good, but it could do better for IT freelancers’ cashflow.

Flat rate treatment for all (regardless of employment status), hailed as too big a prize to ignore.

Probes into potential Criminal Finances Act breaches seen as ‘the tip of the iceberg.’

Health service’s IT hub operating with only a score of ‘deeply technically’ security people.

IT agency boss sounds business-as-usual verdict, as any changes ‘some way off.’

Tax body reveals what needs resolving now to stop a spread to the private sector.

Contractors seen ‘turning their backs on PSCs' for the fourth month in a row.

If the taxman took reasonable care, then his guidance would by now reflect a 2017 verdict.

The BBC’s man on IR35 says the Treasury will get what it wants this autumn.

A first of its kind win for one of two businessmen whose conviction will be ‘forgotten.’

Wrongly being found inside IR35 will drive life-saving PSCs outside the country.

Top accountant says skills-development should be less taxing for freelance techies.

The government is ready to listen, so sole-person business supporters are filling its ear.

Regardless of what agencies and clients put in place, changing IR35 is a non-starter for most PSCs.

Govt: ‘Forfeit your deals if you don’t pay tiny suppliers in a fair and effective way.’

Women with their own PSC are already helping beat the UK’s male pay bias.

Why the usual flood of limited company tax changes seems to have turned into a trickle.

March saw clients raise starting rates to draw you into the computer security fold.

Steria tops the table of big government contractors paying women less than men.

What hurt take-home pay is now uniting lobbyists, but they want reform, not repeal.

Contractor relinquishes his public role against IR35, citing a lack of commitment.

First ever prosecution for false company info costs a prankster PSC £12,000.

If you’re not directly affected, chances are one of your contractor colleagues is.

Despite the chancellor’s claim, support for PSCs seems a bit on the slim side.

Qdos believes that if IR35 befuddles the taxman, it must be beyond firms too.

Taxman hints he’s using his experience in the public sector to change IR35 in the private sector.

An overview of the latest IR35 Forum’s other big talking points.

New tax offences like a fresh disguised remuneration requirement, to hit from April.

DPOs have never had it so good – or as competitive, due to the overhaul in May.

Firms will ask how they’re meant to decide IR35, when not even HMRC can get it right.

Three status factors and a bungling HMRC can’t keep a courageous PSC down.

‘PSCs being misclassified will inspire another select committee in two years’ time.’

A squeeze on the Budget looms, as it’s set to coincide with costing our exit from the EU.

Even the iPhone creator was once unreachable -- at a time when he was job-hunting.

IR35 in flux means it’s vital to optimise your dividends, as a clawback is almost here.

As a radio host’s anguish leads to her attempted suicide, the BBC takes action.

The IR35 digital tool acquired comic status at yesterday’s select committee.

The recruiter’s UK bottom line is improving thanks to IT contractor demand rising.

Three ‘sweet spots’ for freelance consultants may leave consultancy firms bitter.

Some PSCs' IR35 liabilities may be met by the BBC, but it won’t meet MPs tomorrow.

Second expert says a fifth of your income could go if ‘inside IR35’ under April’s regime.

Agents, PSCs and brollies rally against April’s IR35 reforms just being superimposed.

Growing consensus is that April 2020 is when IR35 is much more likely to change.

What ‘Tigger-like’ Hammond said yesterday -- no longer summarised, but still edited by the Treasury.

Private sector IR35 consultation won’t be released until 'the coming months,' -- HM Treasury.

Hammond stresses the need for a balanced approach as he recommits to entrepreneurs.

IPSE: Hammond should utilise the highly-skilled, not hinder their growth with further IR35 reform.

The Small Business Commissioner issues his first advice to the out-of-pocket.

Tomorrow could hear fired the starting pistol Hammond brandished in November.

Advisers to PSCs expect anything ranging from nothing -- to the publication of the IR35 consultation.

Like the Terminator, ATS is pre-programmed and affects lives. Can you succeed amid the rise of the machines?

ATT says it’s come up with a simpler sanction than the Revenue has for late payments.

The ‘hot’ IT freelancers list is shrinking as demand is holding up, but signs of caution persist.

The taxman’s IR35 win at the BBC shouldn’t scare genuinely self-employed contractors.

'Complex' issue of its PSC usage compels the BBC to make some clarifications.

ContractorUK readers invited to get the IR35 lowdown on March 15th, about what’s unveiled on the 13th.

Amid pressure from a Tory MP, the broadcaster is hitting out at PSCs’ advisers.

‘Real threat’ to staffing, as eight in 10 PSCs would be deterred in a CEST-only world.

Data watchdog clearly sprinting to keep pace with May 25th preparation queries.

What contractors want in 13 days’ time, and what (if anything) they’ll get.

A slump in live IT contractor assignments just got deeper for the third month in a row.

Contractor to mount a day of action against a 2019, or 2020 extension.

Details of where you live soon to be omitted in Companies House filings.

A real umbrella would have thwarted a first of its kind bogus self-employment case.

Seven near certainties of IR35 reform in the private sector.

No denials that ‘strategic options’ for SJD Accountancy’s parent are being looked at.

Second legal expert finds fault with the broadcaster since IR35 stung one of its presenters.

Profits squeeze predicted -- except for a small band of associate professionals.

An analysis of how a PSC at BBC News made headlines that neither party will have wanted.

Contesting the taxman’s claims digitally has the edge over doing it manually.

A ‘life-changing’ tax debt faces a media veteran who says she’s a scapegoat.

Taxman gets some of the claims of an ‘IR35-compliant’ solutions firm taken offline.

Feeling the squeeze amid uncertainty, contractors feel up against it on multiple fronts.

Only 99 days to go until your data responsibilities are overhauled. Will you be ready?

A few forces against IT contractors are overrun by those in favour of them.

More than a dozen types of IT contractor are proving hard for agencies to source.

Almost all the Taylor Review gets accepted, to the approval of contractors’ supporters.

Pubs and a fed up CTO unite to bring Iken into the digital (non-buffering) age.

Deadline, what deadline? Droves still to settle up, and staring at £100 fines.

A call to action is among the departing thoughts of an IR35 Forum founding member.

Tax staff speak (three times) of an ‘immediate need’ to fix private sector flouting of IR35.

Who said what, and what’s afoot with the off-payroll rules and IR35’s future.

Thanks to Carillion, a new power is set to see contractors' client-debtors taken to court.

Public PSC, private 'Ltd' or a brolly user? Either way, there’s a campaign for you.

One of the world’s first ever freelance coders, and the 'grandmother of the web.'

'Three strikes and you're out' approach mooted by the small business commissioner.

‘Extremely important’ judgment due for one PSC, all PSCs and IR35’s future.

Armed with a barrister and attacking broadly, an increasingly stubborn HMRC is a warning to all.

April’s off-payroll rules are directly blamed for the first fall in company formations in seven years.

Contractors’ wealth managers are likely to welcome a relaxation in wrapper rules.

Waiting 120 days for an end-user to pay points to trouble; not just tardiness.

Not being a ‘flesh and blood human being’ is why the taxman has come unstuck.

Intellectual approach? Patent officials get down with the kids with an IP cartoon series.

Techie who tried to blame his dangerous driving on his victim’s mobile is behind bars.

Revealed: a three-in-one winner; the most votes ever and painfully, a double-loss.

Who won what at the 11th annual awards voted for by ContractorUK readers.

Hassle ahead for ‘Ltds’ whose accounting period spans their first MTD VAT quarter.

Spring Statement’s first tip-offs affect house-buyers and investor-business types.

Or at least they’re trying to, alongside claims about vertigo, rabbits and a Glasgow nightclub.

So get creative, because waiting to see what government wants isn’t wise, says PRISM.