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Expected announcements on personal tax and pensions to pinch most if you pay at 40%.

Package with a bold claim is welcomed, but biting late payers is still seen as the ultimate solution.

MPs, ministers and HMRC position IR35 reform on October 29th as a long shot.

Brief overview of the economic landscape and a background into the current market.

Alerts go out to a taxman who’s increasingly fighting with a barrister, but losing.

IPSE tells the chancellor to put providers and barristers in the crosshairs instead.

Evidence matters: how to show HMRC (and your client) that you’re not caught by IR35.

Slump in candidate availability suggests now should be a less competitive time to jump ship.

UK-EU uncertainty may kick the IR35 reform can down the road to Spring Statement 2019.

The 'can’t get more freelance than me' TV presenter is 'next on the taxman’s chopping block.'

Watch-list of where the chancellor could taketh away doesn’t bode well for tiny traders.

Eight reasons why you must register quickly to soon self-assess (includes if you’re a new PSC).

Being less of an expert just to land the job is a requirement for one in three self-employed.

The chancellor omitting IR35 to conference doesn’t mean he’ll omit it on Budget day.

'Pretty confident' legal fight against HMRC retrospection calls on contractors for cash.

The prospect of off-payroll rules for all keeps on-contract numbers firmly in the red.

Treasury minister says modernising Class 2, not axing it as promised, shows government support.

Treasury disappoints those hoping for no IR35 reform, by scheduling an early Budget.

The taxman takes on more of your disguised remuneration gripes.

What the taxman has to say about 14 of your disguised remuneration gripes.

John McDonnell omitting the umbrella ban pledge isn’t cause to think it’s been shelved.

‘Hugely significant, landmark settlement could be a catalyst for many more.’

Female PSC boss uses taxman’s CEST decision against him -- to grant her permie-style rights.

One rule for the BBC and another for us is a dangerous premise to extend IR35 reform on.

A ‘both good and bad’ immigration package is tabled for post-Brexit Britain.

Registering an intention to settle with HMRC is a window that's closing, fast.

‘Help is available,’ reassures a group serving HMRC’s ‘unrepresented’ customers.

Four steps to help beat the blues if you’re in a team of one.

Corporation 'hopeful' of an HMRC settlement over its presenters’ IR35 liabilities.

Contractors called to act on a trio of different issues threatening their livelihoods.

Kinky costumes join the list of expenseable items, at least for one self-employed taxpayer.

Run a company singlehandedly? Work on your own? ‘You’re not alone.’

Comfortable growth for tech contractors is outshone by permie demand and scarcity.

Despite 'many' and 'strong' pointers to the BBC employing her, one PSC isn't giving up.

Calling time on the taxman’s 30-day clock is denounced as likely to hurt companies’ cashflow.

Brief overview of the economic landscape and a background into the current market.

Buoyant, modern sectors are making a historical hotspot for contractors a shoo-in.

Blatant bias of HMRC lurks behind figures purporting to show CEST passing the test.

A passive-aggressive query tops the table of irritating things people say on email.

Brolly avoidance guide is launched to approval, but bosses say it's not rocket science.

HMRC's five-minute response target almost missed, and its 10-minute wait volume almost exceeded.

VAT-registered companies handed fresh guidance on what to do from April 2019.

The rise of AI and the self-employed is why one proposal has become eight.

Chancellor tipped to use Budget 2018 to make pensions more taxing for top earners.

Bounty payments totalling almost £350k go to people HMRC says should keep quiet.

Apps are changing financial services’ reputation from rate-enhancer to life-enricher. Are you benefiting?

Digital, micro and young businesses called to compete in a national contest.

Far less ‘bumping’ for those on contract income multiples via considerate lenders -- CMME.

Revenue ranked first by the almost four in 10 contractors to be IR35-assessed as a group.

A once asset-poor fraudster who couldn't pay gets his newly won chip-stack taken away.

Brief overview of the economic landscape and a background into the current market.

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but fixing the higgledy-piggledy may be your lucrative niche.

A foul-mouthed Revenue staffer is recorded swearing at a ‘gobsmacked’ caller.

The UK’s ‘resilient, determined problem-solvers’ shrug off Brexit and IR35 reform.

And technology companies are the biggest shirkers of their GDPR responsibilities.

'Dangerous,' 'misleading' and 'unfit for purpose' -- the IR35 digital tool just got demolished.

Your tax return tabled as the means to automatically deduct a small income percentage for retirement.

The defiant dozen: HMRC’s proposal is severely resisted by 12 IR35 consultation respondents.

Don’t do that with IR35, do this instead, say the CIOT, the FCSA and the ARC, among others.

The biggest threat to your livelihood? Probably. And you’ve just a few hours to fight it.

‘Blind.’ ‘Remarkable’. ‘Reckless.’ Accountants give their final assessments before Friday’s cut-off.

Three if not four measures are all it takes to support those who work for themselves -- IPSE.

A little over 48hours left to help safeguard our economic and professional futures.

Second highest reading for contractors, thanks to heat-hit hirers rethinking.

Friday’s deadline to be met by one agency group opposing reform, and another preparing for it.

A once reliable leg-up for contractors now has a pitfall where loans are still owed.

Companies are being pursued for the income-hit of wrongly treating PSCs as inside IR35.

Budget 2018 looks ripe for raising the up to 15% surcharge on second property purchases.

Thanks to a few good agents, 85 days just became 29 days – albeit only for a ‘short period.’

Most smaller companies would both stay in the EU and like a vote on the final deal.

Yet again a certain taxman can’t catch a contractor, even though this time HMRC was the client.

ContractorUK launches Fantasy Football League 2018/19.

Both private firms and public processes accused of pushing a 'Merry-Go-Round culture.'

At-a-glance: how to build quality and effectiveness into the ‘contracting out’ model.

The views of empire-builders among contractors? Possibly. Their targets? Not so much, finds IPSE.

Firms won’t be fined for first 12 months and will be allowed to ‘cut and paste’ – HMRC.

A tell-all survey on Value Added Tax even has room for Brexit, MTD and IR35.

Through the HMRC Looking-Glass is an odd world where only ‘outside’ decisions are penalised.

HMRC overzealousness and taxpayer assertiveness are behind a 36% jump in JRs.

Battle-weary PSCs, send your evidence of blanketing to help keep the heat on HMRC.

Almost nine in 10 contractors get paid on time in the Capital of the North.

A seemingly anodyne PDF on the 2019 Loan Charge is met with rebuffs, questions and letters.

The commercial threat posed to their PSC is behind contractors refusing AMS’s terms.

Contractor sector warns the OTS that its PAYE plan has 'unintended consequences.'

Contractors in and around a few Midlands cities tend to get paid later than anywhere else.

The clock is ticking for taxpayers brought into the split-bill system due to the 'dividend drop.'

REC slams ‘lack of clarity’ for the likes of contractors (and end-users) from 2021.

Ex-chancellor's ‘ticking time bomb’ triggers a near doubling in ‘Ltd’ landlords.

What was once ‘appropriate’ is now ‘correct’ -- just don’t call it ‘blanketing,’ IR35 Forum told.

Having not first succeeded, LCAG is trying again to raise the Revenue’s CEO about tax-inspired suicide attempts.

‘Papering over the cracks’ is up 615%, thanks to powers, probes and misperception.

Our call to the taxman to set up a suicide helpline has been answered, disgracefully -- LCAG.

‘We want to help’ claims the Revenue, ‘but we can only help those who come forward.’

Government may be still ‘jumping the gun’ even in the era of more time to scrutinise.

A status lawyer sums up recent implications for contractors, and says how HMRC can be silenced.

Key IR35 Forum members distance themselves from the MOO paper on their website.

Unprecedented, company-crippling payment terms will undergo their first test on Friday.

Far off May’s peak, growth in IT contractor demand has now reverted to Q1 territory.

Mel Stride MP tackled for uttering what critics count to be four falsehoods.

Treasury minister written to for his ‘astonishing, appalling, fundamentally untrue’ reply.