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The HM Treasury boss who reinstated IR35 reform audaciously claims to tech entrepreneurs that he’ll back them to the hilt.

Guidance to those intending to flout the 31st deadline is the sort of guidance it pains accountants to give.

‘Miracle workers’ advise the ‘silly monkeys’ how much they’ll owe HMRC if they don’t swing into action before Tuesday.

Sky Sports rugby commentator (not presenter), kicks HMRC’s £695,000 claim of disguised employment into touch.

Former tax inspector flags up where the FTT blew the whistle on the Revenue’s status match-up against the Sky Sports commentator.

Individuals and companies are paying the price for an under-resourced taxman, who simply switches off when things get too busy.

Government accused of gross negligence by 'wilfully ignoring’ risk-to-life alerts while trying to prioritise justifying an ‘immoral policy.’

Big fear of the 12 months to come is IR35, indicating that with the rules introduced almost two years ago, it’s not a case of 'the devil you know.'

Following the off-payroll shambles, who knows what the next Budget holds. But…

MPs won’t be the only ones waiting to hear how it is that ‘HMRC manifestly failed to do its duty on an industrial scale’ with agency workers who used umbrella companies.

What contractors who want to move this year need to understand about lenders, the economy and the market.

An administration that has ‘wholly failed to address issues plaguing the contract workforce,’ narrowly gets the benefit of the doubt from experts.

Treasury minister’s suggestion that the two IR35 reform U-turns were a cost-free exercise is deemed unreliable.

FCSA: Any and all reasonable evidence of unlawful or underhanded practice will be looked into, alongside the companies we’re already investigating.

The Mainpay ruling reinforces ‘If it seems too good to be true, then it invariably is.’ That's now even more the case, with no SEB.

Contractors’ accountants believe the government is right to delay MTD ITSA until 2026, but they say quite a few wrongs remain.

Government called to spell out what it will do with umbrellas, if it won’t regulate them via the SEB.

Delays on pre-Christmas hires makes January ‘the big test,’ but growth in IT contractor demand is already on the up again.

Badly let down by his accountants, the Sky Sports pundit and former rugby star won’t even get to tackle the taxman.

A technically lawful supply of labour (for now anyway) ‘would only prolong and inflame tensions’ on trains, in the NHS, and at schools.

Dangerous to the truth: a mass of questionable statics is unquestionably designed to give the taxman a pat on the back.

Taxman’s short-term impact report on the off-payroll rules receives short shrift from advisers to contractors.

Thirty days never felt so tight -- to pay up within, or get advice and lodge an appeal by.

A self-initiated clean-up, supported by agencies, is this year crucial for the economy and the umbrella sector.

As 2022 draws to a close, the REC takes a deep dive into hiring trends in the technology sector.

A status expert’s reflections on 12 months that will live long in the memory – for all the wrong reasons.

A list of all contractors’ names, statuses, ‘job titles’ and any SDS alterations, are being sought by the taxman.

New platform. Better user experience. Integrated guidance. But when?

‘Not yet a major slowdown’ warns the REC, even if demand for full-time techies is already in negative territory.

A cautionary tale for contractors about lack of focus – on a CV; on your business, on your status.

Six status scenarios playing out now, and bound to continue into next year.

The dust settling on the chancellor’s Green Book is far from pacifying its many critics, including two political IR35 heavyweights.

Concern raised for NHS workers and other ‘average earners’ who used CML, given that HMRC tends to chase individuals, not brollies.

Wider grounds than potentially unauthorised deductions of employer NICs should be considered if taking a brolly to tribunal.

Advisers say a ‘humiliating’ final settlement for the food department that fudged contractor status should ‘mortify’ the taxman and Treasury.

Sombre and powerful, a vigil-turned-protest outside HMRC’s office is further pressure on a chancellor being asked for answers -- by 55 advisers and 80 MPs.

Clean-up efforts look underway, with agencies, government and a charity responding to the payroll sector’s ‘not great’ goings-on.

It’s wild; hysterical and panic-inducing – and that’s only the coverage. Fortunately for contractors, the likelihood is just a reversion of the property market to 2021.

For being more limited than limited companies feared, Hunt’s CGT reforms are a bit of a let-off for small, entrepreneurial businesses.

A timely refresh from the Revenue has industry advisers divided over the trigger. If there was one.

Campaigner: No surprise chancellor Hunt didn’t touch the HMRC policy -- as opposed to schemes, which he absolutely should have tackled.

Beware the false umbrella employers; ineffective opt-outs, and Arthur Daley-esque insurance policies.

‘Less money to go around’ for PSCs is the result of changes to dividends, corporation tax, and the 45p rate. But how much less money is the question.

With an extra bill of £3,750 from corporation tax alone, no wonder some PSCs feel Hunt is hunting them to extinction.

Still sore from him cancelling the off-payroll rules’ cancellation, Hunt’s changes to dividends are ‘salt in the wound’ for PSCs.

Allowance cut is 'small fry in the grand scheme of things,’ but in the Green Book’s small print, the penalisation of PSCs persists.

Jeremy Hunt delivers a ‘plan for stability, growth and public services.’ And a plan to make dividends more taxing.

‘If any payments to contractors are found to be due those will, of course, be Orange Genie’s sole responsibility.’

What the taxman gives with one hand as a tax refund to a failed PSC, he will surely try to take back with the other from its director.

What three contractor service providers say they’d welcome on Thursday fills one status expert with dread.

Six ways the Treasury boss can restore stability, repair the Tories’ reputation and return contracting to what it does best.

No retreat or retrenchment just yet, but pressure, caution and struggle still hit temporary techies and their clients in October.

Advisers worry the taxman isn’t offering much more than an updatable archive of umbrellas which contractors shouldn’t have once used.

Contractors face a potentially ‘worrying’ and ‘significant’ tax hike that ‘would make operating via PSC even more difficult.’

What a Supreme Court ruling might mean for other directors who pay dividends only for their companies to subsequently enter administration.

Brolly bosses write to their staffing partners to try to avoid the same fate as Orange Genie – being removed from PSLs.

The FCSA expels one of the contractor sector’s longest-serving brollies, and vows to tighten its own members’ compliance code from 2023.

The new Rishi Sunak-led government’s first litmus test for contractors is a little over two weeks away.

Nominations open to suppliers going the extra mile to support contractors.

Finding clients, sorting admin, and all while navigating both Brexit and IR35? Contracting abroad isn’t for the faint-hearted, but help is at hand.

Jim Harra letting slip the off-payroll rules benefit HMRC signal that the taxman wasn’t onboard with their repeal, and won’t ever be.

The chancellor going for Budget status, while talking of ‘prudence,’ positions an off-payroll ‘consultation’ as a firmer prospect.

According to people who’ve been in the negotiating room with HM Treasury’s new boss, he’s versatile, open-minded, and not accepting of civil servants' scripts.

Contractor experts try to set aside their concerns, as the ex-chancellor who gave PSCs IR35 reform and next to nothing during covid is coronated Tory leader.

The need to appoint his potential boss could push chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s statement past Halloween.

Far from reviewing IR35, Number 10’s next occupant is looking like the chancellor who built on it, with ‘deeply unfair’ reforms.

A take-home pay dent for Liz, but not Jeremy, is one upshot of a very long week in politics.

With the ups and downs on dividends and IR35 over, it’s time for calm financial reflection.

Officials effectively saying ‘as you were’ isn’t a message that can hurt contractors. Not after the ‘crazy situation’ their entire sector has just endured.

HM Treasury’s new boss tells the nation that the 2017 and 2021 frameworks are no longer going to be revoked.

Shambolic decision-making by government on the off-payroll rules in recent years, and months, just sunk to a new nonsensical low.

The former Treasury minister says the off-payroll rules reversal may go the way of the corporation tax cancellation vow.

A PSC profits rate of up to 26.5% is back on the cards, following one chancellor’s political collapse, and his successor raising the stakes on limited companies.

The taxman has tried to illuminate the notoriously dark area of Disguised Remuneration with a study. One thing’s for sure, at least he’s consistent.

Tax officials say that what’s currently an obligation for clients, the SDS, won’t be shifting to PSCs or their workers.

A victory for virtual hiring is being undermined by the risk of Brits finding it harder to land work than illegals.

Advisers say a chancellor needing to ‘steady the ship’ fortunately doesn’t fit with him U-turning the off-payroll rules’ removal.

Despite formerly directing her own limited company, the BBC host determined IR35 as too ‘complex’ a ‘thing’ for BBC1’s audience.

Seeing no bounce from IR35 reform repeal, job-seekers are warned of exposure to a slowing economy this winter, just as ‘hiring freezes’ begin.

The new government should tackle this pernicious tax policy in the same way it would clear up a financial scandal.

Now the euphoria of the off-payroll rules dying has died down, the reality we all face is little more than known unknowns.

Status experts are divided on whether SDS will survive the repeal, to become a new duty on limited company contractors.

Survival guide to the Off-Payroll Working reforms (not IR35), being revoked.

With virtually all lenders withdrawing fixed deals amid unprecedented volatility, it’s hard to imagine a better time to use a broker.

Logic prevails – even in Whitehall, where the historic decision to banish off-payroll reform is the right one.

Calls for a potentially ‘desperate’ taxman to offer PSCs an amnesty don’t get an answer, possibly as Status Determination Statements will come with a post-repeal ‘hangover.’

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng stuns an elated contractor sector, by sensationally revoking the ‘tainted’ off- payroll working rules of 2017 and 2021.

Kwasi Kwarteng unveils his Growth Plan, with a big surprise -- the full scale 'repeal' of IR35 reform.

Following online claims about how his association serves contractors, CEO Chris Bryce responds with what he finds unprofessional, unfair, and unjust.

Agency bosses say the appetite for temporary techies is continuing, even if such contractors’ wants and needs are changing, and occasionally clashing.

To do you right, your agent should stop you joining the long line of brolly employees switching mid-contract for the wrong reason.

In a sign all’s not well with HMRC’s new blacklist, two scheme directors say they object to their inclusion. And potentially, rightly so.

IR35 dominates a range of expectations for chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s first Budget this Friday.

The Revenue’s new weapon in the fight against tax avoidance receives a mixed review.

An MP inquiry finding numerous off-payroll failings looks ‘pointless’ because HMRC just keeps ‘dodging’ the issues.

By claiming PSCs are 90% non-compliant and then making their clients liable, HMRC pulled off a master stroke. Chancellor Kwarteng must act.

If the reports are right, contractors aren’t alone in not finding branding oneself easy. So, our new PM is already setting an example.

The umbrella company accreditation body responds to calls to publish the terms of its new four-person disputes team.

Organisations put on notice ahead of an influx of workers wanting to pay their respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Economic conditions worsening last month just as the covid bounce petered out, saw candidates, and clients, ‘play it safe.’

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