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Fifty MPs, a letter by the bereaved and a pledge of suicide all fails to stop the state in its tracks, in a ‘sad,’ ‘shameful’ night in the Commons.

As the taxman gets armed with 100% penalties for CJRS abuse, experts fear a clawback ‘many years down the road.’

‘Confine the charge to taxpayers who knew the loan was taxable, but remove it if they declared to HMRC.’

The contractor workforce’s intentions were clear on covid’s eve. This pandemic looks set to cement them.

More so than anyone else in this already fearful year of covid-19, Loan Charge contractors face a very real, immediate and dreaded choice.

Your return to ‘normal’ poses risks that are anything but. The prepared will know their protection options.

Prime minister urged to intervene amid a ‘100% certainty’ of HMRC’s tax taking more human lives.

Treasury minister also says no need for businesses to adjust until next year, at odds with expert advice.

Reasonable care guidance plus a three-part SDS equals being off-payroll rules-ready.

To mark the now very much incoming off-payroll rules in the private sector, heed this advice for agencies and contractors -- APSCo.

It’s intimidating and inequitable too. But with the April 2021 launch still scheduled, it’s also unlikely to change.

The furlough scheme has stings in its tail for PSCs, but government must now take a hands-off approach and intervene elsewhere.

‘Focus MPs' minds on a Finance Bill amendment to delay the incoming, not suspend the existing.’

Government told it must end ‘significant financial hardship’ for coronavirus-hit limited companies.

A new 30-day notification period may help catch amounts or records which couldn’t keep track of CJRS’s 20-plus updates.

I’m not a lobbyist. I’m a daughter, sister and mother. And I’m a wife to a husband in despair at a draconian demand for money we never even had.

Virtual onboarding. Staff needing remote access. Platform patches. New e-gov portals. It all bodes well for IT contractors.

Six things that whoever writes your CV (other than you) can’t afford to miss, whether they charge or not.

Minister whose stance mirrors HMT’s terms for Sir Amyas Morse is accused of mistaking ‘normal families’ for ‘political lobbyists.’

MPs warn of financial pain for those taking on covid-19, and taken in by the brolly sector’s unscrupulous.

First sign of green shoots springs up amid freezes; uncertainty and competition.

PM acknowledges payments to PSCs are ‘very very important’, but says little else.

Taxman lifts the covid-19 hold on investigations, despite only ‘a review’ in place for rejected furlough claims.

Working as and when is welcomed, despite concern in the temp sector about co-funding furlough payments.

Only today’s business hours left for contractors to speak up on the off-payroll rules.

Verdict in favour of football referees puts the boot in to the Revenue’s IR35 testing tool.

Contractor accounting veteran files 1,000 pages of paperwork to do battle with ‘Boris and his crew’ over covid shutdown.

Chancellor tipped to ask companies to fork out 20-30% of furlough pay pack.

To furlough or not to furlough? That’s the question troubling contractors, and brollies.

‘Get back to prepping for an April 2021 launch, because Norman’s intent is clear.’

Tory MP loses his off-payroll rule deferral bid, to an ‘unconvinced,’ ‘tin-eared’ minister who ‘should know better.’

Forget COVID, it’s actually IR35 that will cause PSCs severe (administrative) headaches.

It’s had devastating effects, but coronavirus is now being beaten back by humans, and governments, being understanding.

Just 24hrs to back ‘the only way’ to find an alternative to 2021’s ‘disastrous’ off-payroll rules.

By not including the public sector, the IR35 resolution risks insulting covid-19’s ultimate risk-takers.

‘Stay at home…’ versus ‘Go to work…’ is likened to playing Top Trumps, without the power ratings.

Sunak extends the CJRS to October, promises answers soon, and warns of PSCs paying from August.

Taxman showing his flexible side with a three-month break isn’t to be sniffed at.

Clarity from HMRC about CJRS contractor payments is criticised as ‘anything but.’

Never in its 22-year history has a gauge of IT contractor demand sank so far into the red.

Freelancer Financials homes in on Rishi Sunak’s coronavirus help for householders. But as it’s from the chancellor, it’s not free.

Off-payroll exposure adds to woe at the bank over terminations, a 'WfH' cap and fear of controlled hours.

It’s a debt you’ve got to pay back. But for some contending with covid-19, the new BBL scheme will be a lifeline.

Minister who batted away off-payroll inquiry now on the receiving end from five influential Conservatives.

Simon Dolan to take the government to court over the UK's coronavirus shutdown.

Treasury minister shrugs off scathing criticisms, accepting just one of the peers’ many recommendations.

Pandemic isn’t cause to pause pressing disguised remuneration customers to pay what we say they owe, taxman signals.

The peers' inquiry into the ‘flawed’ off-payroll rules hugely vindicates contractors, and massively slams tax officials.

Get the bill passed quickly while not insulting ‘switched on’ peers? Seems like a no-brainer for the government.

Despite one minister’s expected stock reply, unprecedented pressure to postpone reform (again) is mounting on the entire government.

Amid covid-19, PSCs might hope 3-day weeks aren’t catching. Nonetheless, something pays better than nothing.

Inside IR35 contractors using limited companies are among those to get last-minute furlough scheme details.

‘A help to many contractors’ is unveiled but on pay, those using umbrellas will be unmoved.

Limited companies enjoying ‘breathing space’ from a taxman ‘prioritising’ coronavirus support.

Coronavirus can have an upside, but one client sticking to its IR35 guns has armed PSCs with rate support.

A new HMRC update still doesn’t address what ‘desperately’ needs clarifying, despite a letter to the chancellor.

Lowest index score for almost 11 years points to COVID-19 ‘pausing’ projects, spending and hiring.

Looking after its own: the state gives 80% rate reimbursement to coronavirus-hit PSCs and others.

Chancellor cheered for getting closer to what PSC contractors need, but the consensus is that more must be done.

Coronavirus aid for freelancers, PSCs and umbrella contractors looks like it needs to come with a health warning.

Online posting could invalidate your cash claim -- and land you with a fraud charge, PSCs warned.

Like officialdom, advisers to contractors are trying to break down the ‘complex’ CJRS.

It’s too long a way back for many engagers so, perversely, it’s the unprepared who are now unburdened.

Treasury confirms that CJRS will include PSC workers, but exclude their dividends.

Nominations open to suppliers supporting contractors after a turbulent year, with everything from COVID-19 to IR35 reform.

Assessing if the CJRS covers you isn’t easy. The hard truth is that PSCs may fall through the cracks.

Lack of financial help for limited company contractors facing COVID-19 isn’t being ignored at Lloyds.

It’s tempting to take the path of least taxation. But contractors have been here before.

Practical, protective steps for ContractorUK readers to take to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Amid a sense of ‘be careful what you wish for,’ practical concerns for PSCs (and their clients) now pervade.

Facing an eventual take-home dent of 40%, it’s reasonable for off-payroll ‘Ltd’ contractors to not limit their options.

The off-payroll rules are sensationally shelved until April 2021, in a huge victory for the contractor sector.

Peers fume to tax officials that it’s ‘perverse’ not to defer off-payroll changes amid a 'catastrophic' pandemic.

What our niche staffing agency and our contractual partners are doing to combat the pandemic.

It doesn’t have to be ‘umbrellas or perish,’ assuming that us PSC-dependent providers take actions.

Sunak’s ‘contractor-friendly’ ER policy is balanced against the 'chaos, insult and decimation' of his off-payroll rules proceeding.

Coronavirus dominates the ‘Getting it done’ Budget, under which ER reduces and IR35 reforms from April.

All but certain that ‘inexperienced’ Rishi Sunak will remove ER; forge ahead with IR35 reform.

For PSCs who have to navigate it, chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget will probably be a traffic light.

Blanket assessed or banned? A new contractor campaign force is calling you to join the fight back today.

An overshadowed IR35 rule revision is paradoxically both ‘sensible’ and suggestive of non-compliance.

Four decades of freelancing, for at least seven different clients, undone by IR35’s trinity.

HMT shut out its own independent adviser from having a say on changes to the ‘horrifying’ off-payroll rules.

Peers cross out their questions, concerns and recommendations on timing, due to the government going ahead.

The Treasury’s ‘light-touch’ off-payroll pledge is getting a heavy amount of scrutiny.

New legal duty on clients to state if they’re exempt is the biggest win for agencies and PSCs.

Delays, dissent and dicky-birds. An advisory says it all looks hugely haphazard on the taxman’s part.

The deadline to give peers your take on the off-payroll rules is imminent. Act now.

Peers ask for off-payroll rule price tags which (unlike HMRC’s) won’t fade under scrutiny.

New Treasury boss fails to impress with talk of off-payroll ‘improvements’ and a ‘not heavy-handed’ HMRC.

Are we all ready for the new IR35? Not according to HMRC’s straw poll on its latest webinar.

Paul wrote a short song and made a video all about IR35 reform.

‘Forget any soft landing, it’s enforcement action as necessary; prepared or not.’

Second off-payroll inquiry session hears HMRC has a blind-spot, and government can’t join up facts.

It’s up to contractor-taxpayers to take ‘reasonable care,’ as blaming your accountant for being late won’t wash.

Determinations like 'all caught,' 'all banned' (and the like) aren’t being made -- minister.

‘It’s tempting to think a new broom at HMT will sweep in change.’ But don’t, warn experts.

‘More concerning’ than the banks’ actions, is defence companies making do without ‘highly-skilled’ PSCs.

Loud off-payroll march gives even the ‘tin-earned Treasury’ no excuse to say it hasn’t been warned.

Off-payroll inquiry told that April’s reform should only ever be a ‘temporary sticking plaster.’