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Dr. Iain Campbell is the former secretary general of the Independent Health Professionals Association: a trade association for independent healthcare workers which has undertaken significant litigation against blanket stances by public bodies. He works as a locum physician and has years of experience contracting in the NHS.

Dr Campbell also holds post-graduate qualification in law and has provided evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees, All Party Parliamentary Groups, and attended policy development round-tables in Westminster on the subject of IR35, the link to loan & direct engagement schemes, and freelancing in general.

Author Content

According to people who’ve been in the negotiating room with HM Treasury’s new boss, he’s versatile, open-minded, and not accepting of civil servants' scripts.

By not including the public sector, the IR35 resolution risks insulting covid-19’s ultimate risk-takers.

Practical, protective steps for ContractorUK readers to take to avoid contracting COVID-19.

A status square-off between two public sector giants has led to a potentially calculated throwing in of the towel.

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