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Keith Rosser is a labour market expert with almost 20 years working in hiring. Currently a Group Director at Reed, the UK's largest family-owned recruitment business, and Chair of 2 joint UK government and industry bodies: the Better Hiring Institute and JobsAware.

Keith was invited to Chair the first cross-government committee on labour market compliance and previously sat on the Name Blind Recruitment Committee Chaired by then Prime Minister, David Cameron. Keith also sat on the Ministerial Advisory Panel to the Taylor Review of Good Work. Keith received a Commendation Award from Home Office in 2016 and was recognised as a community leader at Buckingham Palace in 2018. Keith is a Non-Executive Board Member at Disclosure Scotland, an executive agency of Scottish Government. 

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Ten ways to turn UK hiring processes from among the slowest in the developed world to the fastest, globally, are now in front of the chancellor.

Technology is driving a Deliveroo-approach to hiring. But whether it’s ghosting or catfishing, don’t put up with it.

A victory for virtual hiring is being undermined by the risk of Brits finding it harder to land work than illegals.

Unprepared hirers. Too few IDSPs. And a Home Office-caused bottleneck. What 99% of us want still looks unfit for the digital age.

Hiring changes from the Home Office still contain a gap that urgently needs bridging.

The drawbacks of a new digital identity scheme will bite hardest where its potential is needed the most.

'A kaleidoscope of issues requiring a kaleidoscope of solutions,' is among the realties we tried to impress upon the UK’s DLME.

The fees for criminal record checks are refreshingly, bucking the current prices trend.

‘Great news for contractors’ is soured by a two-tier market risk -- and an oddity.

28th February, 2022 | Successful Contracting

A 90-day countdown to a new era of contractor hiring has already begun. So get your gig sorted for April 6th.

The silver lining of the still dark cloud over UK contracting is that umbrella regulation-resisters will finally have to fold.

Ending the era of in-person hiring is a monumental decision that will help the UK deal with covid, Brexit and skills shortages.

Despite officials starting to realise that tech is smarter, a digital system is unlikely to be ready by September 1st.

Covid may be passing, but the traps laid at almost every step of going forward for your next contract remain ready to ensnare.

Free documents that you can use to help keep Right to Work checks digital forever.

7th July, 2021 | Successful Contracting

Physical Right to Work checks are the stuff of a bygone age. Government must keep them digital from September 1st.

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