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Shwezin Win is a fully qualified and experienced Personal Performance Coach. She has worked for over 20 years in small and major businesses within retail and marketing. She has held senior positions, managed large teams and worked for many years within IT/transformational projects, which is how she has had the experience of working with so many contractors. She set up Win at life to help as many people as possible to thrive rather than survive.

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International Men’s Day 2023 rightly recognises that too many men are no longer with us, too often because they couldn’t share with us. What can you do to change that?

When even a tiny edge over rivals matters, ditch the drink to see how you perform as energised, enhanced and emotionally-balanced.

The underway Festival of Learning is the perfect springboard to teach yourself what you want, over what your clients need.

How to look after and value ‘you,’ amid the price of everything around you going haywire.

Strong Silent-types gain the most from clearing their head, by emptying their thoughts out into a chat with a trusted listener.

Take a leaf out of the PM’s (erotic) book, by using ‘turn off and turn on again’ moments to ease daily stress.

6th July, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Finding a fix (not that a single one-time solution exists) stars with these six techniques, known to help business soloists like you.

5th June, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Five things you can try right now to turn down that nagging feeling of overwhelm.

24th January, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Successful people take intentional actions. What are yours so this year you’ll thrive, rather than just survive?

9th January, 2023 | Successful Contracting

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