London connectivity suffers 'mobile dead spots'

London could really boast of being a 21st century city for internet connectivity if it wasn't for its "mobile dead spots," the capital’s IT leaders have been told.

Addressing London Technology Week, Boston Consulting Group raised the plight of mobile users by pointing out that fibre optic connections still aren’t in place across all city boroughs.

The capital therefore needs an initiative to facilitate the development of Wi-Fi and full-scale fibre rollout to ensure all boroughs get top-of-the-line fibre optic connections, not just some.

Boston’s recommendations, contained in a report for the IT leaders, add that London should also benchmark its broadband infrastructure against other cities with which it competes.

At the same time, and also to support its expected growth as a tech centre, the capital needs better access to venture capital funding, more commercial office space and extra engineers.  

This latter recommendation in Boston’s report, seen by The Guardian and TechCityInsider, seems even more pressing if reported projections from Oxford Economics ring true.

According to the forecaster, London’s Silicon Roundabout area will create an additional 46,000 new jobs in the next decade, during which the region is set to grow by 5.1% a year.

A relaxation in immigration policy was floated by some of the London Tech Week delegates as an appropriate response, chiming with comments in March from staffing body the REC.

Boston seems to agree, calling in its analysis for immigration reforms designed to both let more foreign IT students stay and attract more IT talent to come from overseas.

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