Umbrellas urged to set Osborne straight

The final call for umbrella companies to take part in a study to establish the economic value of their sector is being sounded by the Freelancer & Contractor Services Association.

Launched in October, the study intends to put a figure on both the size of the umbrella market and the population of contractors it supports. The deadline to contribute is December 19th.

The findings, which are being collated for the FCSA by employment research consultancy Worklab, will provide the market with a dataset to lobby government with.

It should also provide umbrella companies with “a united voice” with which they can respond to comments made by the chancellor in last week’s Autumn Statement

FCSA said: “Mr Osborne clearly highlighted that government and policymakers do not fully understand how umbrella employers support the UK’s growing flexible workforce   

“This initiative will provide us with credible evidence that demonstrates the clear value of our sector, and its increasingly important role.”

Although FCSA’s chief executive Julia Kermode said that many companies were already taking part, she urged more umbrellas to contribute to the study by contacting her directly.

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