£3,000 on offer to 'most downloaded game' developers

Young techies who dabble in development can now try their hand at becoming the next Candy Crush creators.

In fact, AppBox Media is stumping up £3,000 in cash for whoever can create “the most downloaded game” on its Google Play and Apple App Store accounts.

The firm says that as long as the game does not contain “extreme violence, sexual content or gambling,” the rest is up to the developer, but it must be built in Unity for iOS or Android.

Up to three other techies can help the developer, added the firm, -- helpful, given that strategies to scale the game; monetise it and promote it must all be part of the submission.

Registration closes this Sunday, with submissions to reach the firm’s judging panel by March 8 to stand a chance of winning the £3,000 (1st prize); or £1,500 (2nd prize) or £500 (3rd prize).

The panel will score the submitted apps across four criteria -- graphics, sound, gameplay and overall quality, although 50% of the score will come from three-star-and-above user reviews.  

Entrants are not restricted so could potentially be anyone, yet students of computer science and software are preferred, ahead of those who are a “talented developer in your free time.”    

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