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Money News

Your complex or legacy IT system could win you an extension to your HMRC filing date.

HMRC waives penalties for the third who failed to file, but another deadline falls this Thursday.

‘A small July payment should be treated with suspicion, to avoid a big surprise in 2020.’

BT, BAE, Centrica, Fujitsu and Prudential are removed for Prompt Payment Code flouting.

Robotic or just unsympathetic? Contractors’ tax advisers try to work out HMRC granting much less wriggle room.

Better late than never? Officials table penalties as a new, overdue weapon in Paul Uppal’s armoury.

A history of cash collection portals can bring out the blushes nearly as much as X-rated visits.

Jokes over a 1p tax bill have a serious side, including irate contractors and potentially lost business.

Only 20 days to go to oppose old tax debts falling due much sooner.

The telco and techie are among 17 firms ‘named and shamed’ for unfairness over supplier invoices.

First ever rundown of companies that have broken their prompt payment promise.

Tie-ups with foreign taxmen are paying dividends for a Revenue raising seven times as much.

Massive jump in FTT cases, as taxpayers push back a ‘more aggressive’ taxman.

Better to have toughened the Prompt Payment Code than add reporting duties, chancellor told.

Only one in three are putting away any cash for when contracting is over.

Chancellor cheered by the CIOT for more than just keeping his promise.

Small companies give HMRC the cold shoulder for its invitation to digitise VAT.

Hammond hears that it’s time his warm words translated into reformist actions.

Crowds of commuters getting taken in about tax liabilities has put their towns on the map.

Labour leader challenges Hammond and May to share their self-assessment forms.

Government told that small VAT-registered companies need ‘no deal’ scenarios.

Woolly underwear and other outlandish items fail to make the cut.

Too busy, too short and too cold. Revenue reveals what won’t fly (includes witches).

‘Increasingly reliant’ Treasury tipped to launch a VAT plan to protect a 79% surge.

Leaving it to the last-minute is the stressful, risky preference for a quarter of HMRC customers.

Peace of mind is why you best double-check what the Revenue demands this tax season.

‘Awareness, resources and costs are all grounds to give tiny firms longer on digital tax accounts.’

Early birds who last year dodged HMRC’s ‘customer-unfriendliness’ will now be caught too.

Hammond’s talk about helping families hasn’t translated into alleviation.

‘And even if MTD is postponed, tiny companies must be persuaded not pushed.’

The official lowdown on going flat for VAT to go live next month.

HMRC not collecting record revenue amounts 'could drive people out of business.'

April deadline gets put back for some to October, just days after minister’s ‘no delay’ claim.

Small business minister rules out a further hiatus for digital tax accounts.

Taxman’s push to bypass ‘important’ safeguards on materials he’d like is being resisted.

Expected announcements on personal tax and pensions to pinch most if you pay at 40%.

Package with a bold claim is welcomed, but biting late payers is still seen as the ultimate solution.

Eight reasons why you must register quickly to soon self-assess (includes if you’re a new PSC).

Treasury minister says modernising Class 2, not axing it as promised, shows government support.

Kinky costumes join the list of expenseable items, at least for one self-employed taxpayer.

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