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Money News

Contractor accountants fear they’ll have no choice other than to join the government agency in putting up prices for Personal Service Companies. 

Yolo Wealth gives a guarded welcome to the chancellor potentially offering a new way to buy an initial chunk of UK company shares tax-free.

Despite the Small Business Commissioner and other recovery means, seven in 10 contractors are just as unpaid as two years ago.

The Revenue has removed the right of most taxpayers to VAT-register by post, not that it asked via any consultation.

Not ‘extreme’ enough, says one expert, but ISA simplification might nonetheless benefit contractors, even if Hunt hasn’t got them in mind.

A telling series of posts by tax experts sheds light on the ‘game-changing,’ ‘show-offs’ who do your books.

Quantity doesn’t mean quality in the eyes of some, as the still-criticised Revenue blacklist chalks up its almost 50th entry.

Agents of a different kind are slapped by the ASA over online ads earning them 48% of your HMRC refund.

Following appeals to make the LISA fit for purpose for contractor saving, AJ Bell says it’s better to just bin it.

Renaming the nemesis of small businesses is billed as a way to effect culture change, but not everyone’s convinced.

Contractor accountants fear their annual task of getting limited company directors to act has been made tougher by the chancellor.

Limited companies told that while buying a single MacBook may not be worth the rush, multiple purchases might.

‘Miracle workers’ advise the ‘silly monkeys’ how much they’ll owe HMRC if they don’t swing into action before Tuesday.

Individuals and companies are paying the price for an under-resourced taxman, who simply switches off when things get too busy.

Contractors’ accountants believe the government is right to delay MTD ITSA until 2026, but they say quite a few wrongs remain.

Thirty days never felt so tight -- to pay up within, or get advice and lodge an appeal by.

The Revenue’s new weapon in the fight against tax avoidance receives a mixed review.

Businesses in the supply chains of three insolvent promoters ‘should be exceptionally worried.’

Lower property price tags in July is a 13-month first. But at just 0.1%, the drop is tiny.

Filing VAT returns online? Even using HMRC-friendly software? Neither makes you an official MTD customer.

MPs identify September 14th or 21st as the day for ‘some very difficult financial decisions’ from the government and its new leader.

Taxman points out that only businesses pushing £22.8million in turnover are at risk of his £400 sanction.

‘Token gestures.’ ‘Forced bribes.’ Before the PM announces even a single measure, contractors aren’t biting.

Lenders starting to test borrowers’ exposure to the cost of living crisis means lock-ins will take longer to put in place.

Chancellor’s ‘whopping’ fall from grace could be cushioned by his wife now agreeing to pay UK tax on dividends.

Taxman asked to do better than the minister on disguised remuneration, by giving ‘direct answers’ that don’t ‘divert and confuse.’

Findings from WondaPay lend credit to the Small Business Commissioner’s fear that firms are having to wait even longer to get paid.

With experts finding him ‘threatening, aggressive, damn scary, and even baring teeth,’ the ‘perception’ to traders of a taxman to fear seems rooted in reality.

‘Toothless’ or not, the SBC is posing you seven queries to get a ‘clearer picture’ of payment issues.

Judge signals taxpayer ignorance of tax law is definitely an excuse, where that ignorance came from the tax authority.

An admired financial heavyweight will be the first to hit late payers with beefed-up powers.

Taxman’s decision to offer some leniency around Sunday’s self-assessment deadline is welcomed, broadly.

A ‘good but could do so much better’ assessment of HMRC belies a lot of still ‘gross’ goings-on.

It’s right of the Revenue to tell contractors how to spot a MUC, says Professional Passport.

Taxman asks for empathy amid the pandemic, despite missing the same goals last year too.

Custodial sentences, QCs on conspiracy charges and extraditing promoters are the way to go – TaxWatch.

Tax charity lodges a formal request for criminal investigations into ‘anyone continuing’ to peddle DR schemes.

Contractors’ advisers back Alternative Dispute Resolution being virtually available, and ‘at any stage’ pre-FTT.

Taxman recalling more notices than he sends represents a drop in the ocean which he’ll be fine about spilling -- expert.

PSCs with turnover under £85k face an online-only future with HMRC returns.