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Money News

‘Awareness, resources and costs are all grounds to give tiny firms longer on digital tax accounts.’

Early birds who last year dodged HMRC’s ‘customer-unfriendliness’ will now be caught too.

Hammond’s talk about helping families hasn’t translated into alleviation.

‘And even if MTD is postponed, tiny companies must be persuaded not pushed.’

The official lowdown on going flat for VAT to go live next month.

HMRC not collecting record revenue amounts 'could drive people out of business.'

April deadline gets put back for some to October, just days after minister’s ‘no delay’ claim.

Small business minister rules out a further hiatus for digital tax accounts.

Taxman’s push to bypass ‘important’ safeguards on materials he’d like is being resisted.

Expected announcements on personal tax and pensions to pinch most if you pay at 40%.

Package with a bold claim is welcomed, but biting late payers is still seen as the ultimate solution.

Eight reasons why you must register quickly to soon self-assess (includes if you’re a new PSC).

Treasury minister says modernising Class 2, not axing it as promised, shows government support.

Kinky costumes join the list of expenseable items, at least for one self-employed taxpayer.

Calling time on the taxman’s 30-day clock is denounced as likely to hurt companies’ cashflow.

HMRC's five-minute response target almost missed, and its 10-minute wait volume almost exceeded.

VAT-registered companies handed fresh guidance on what to do from April 2019.

Chancellor tipped to use Budget 2018 to make pensions more taxing for top earners.

Bounty payments totalling almost £350k go to people HMRC says should keep quiet.

Far less ‘bumping’ for those on contract income multiples via considerate lenders -- CMME.

A once asset-poor fraudster who couldn't pay gets his newly won chip-stack taken away.

Your tax return tabled as the means to automatically deduct a small income percentage for retirement.

A once reliable leg-up for contractors now has a pitfall where loans are still owed.

Budget 2018 looks ripe for raising the up to 15% surcharge on second property purchases.

Firms won’t be fined for first 12 months and will be allowed to ‘cut and paste’ – HMRC.

A tell-all survey on Value Added Tax even has room for Brexit, MTD and IR35.

HMRC overzealousness and taxpayer assertiveness are behind a 36% jump in JRs.

Almost nine in 10 contractors get paid on time in the Capital of the North.

Contractors in and around a few Midlands cities tend to get paid later than anywhere else.

Ex-chancellor's ‘ticking time bomb’ triggers a near doubling in ‘Ltd’ landlords.

‘Papering over the cracks’ is up 615%, thanks to powers, probes and misperception.

Government may be still ‘jumping the gun’ even in the era of more time to scrutinise.

Even where its odds are poor, a revenue-led HMRC will still likely see you in court.

Officials not talking straight is adding to uncertainty for firms aiming for proper treatment.

'As most small companies only know MTD by name, next year is far too soon for it.'

What’s already being cut for contractors with property is put into the PM’s crosshairs.

A 'candid' late payment tsar reveals success is still in single figures, despite him being operational for eight months.

'And even then, with Brexit, MTD and IR35 reform looming, it needs conditions.'

A lender’s new offer is shaped around the Treasury changing buy-to-let’s economics.

The ceiling for when VAT applies should be higher than today’s £85,000, says IPSE.

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