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The taxman is now seeking to recover covid cash from PSC directors, personally, even where they took advice, professionally.

Here's your invitation to be part of a ground-breaking industry milestone (and get a little justice while you’re at it).

International Men’s Day 2023 rightly recognises that too many men are no longer with us, too often because they couldn’t share with us. What can you do to change that?

A surprisingly unknown but freshly updated bit of HMRC guidance could save contractors’ agencies from hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax liabilities.

A mutual offering to contractor PSCs sounds a bit 'meh.' But in key areas, that’s exactly what this chancellor managed.

Chancellor offers 111, not 110 pro-business measures, while boosting umbrella contractor take-home pay by up to £750 a year.

Jeremy Hunt delivers ‘an Autumn Statement for a country that has turned a corner…an Autumn Statement for UK growth.’

Today’s a big acid test for our well-heeled chancellor. But for the good of your home loan, property, or investment, will he pass it?

Don’t hold your breath, as it’s only the starting pistol to turning around the business turnaround sector which has just been fired.

A new era of fraudulent interviews (now in progress) needs to be stamped out by the professional community.

Slow and steady is inflation’s new trajectory, helped massively by a sharp drop in October -- which should now ease contractors’ interest rate fears.

What the taxman lets you reimburse for business travel via a personal vehicle has somehow not been updated for 12 years.

Optimism for a grim October is provided by agencies saying the slowdown’s end is now in sight.

The typical way to work in this post-IR35 reform world is riddled with a lack of choice for both employee and employer.

The biggest study yet into IR35 reform and umbrella companies says regulation is desperately needed, but there’s little hope it’ll emerge at Autumn Statement.

The chancellor’s post is already being reworded by off-payroll critics. My fear is that it’s not the only thing this month from HMT’s boss which will warrant a rewrite.

Disappointed, potentially feeling undervalued, and definitely departing, the DLME unveils 12 recommendations despite her ‘uphill struggle’ with government.

For the accused under the MSC legislation, simply ignoring the taxman’s seemingly out of the blue offer isn’t really an option.

An underway enforcement initiative by the taxman makes brolly regulation on November 22nd even less likely.

What you heard down the pub versus the reality can often disappoint. But the sobering reality of company closures is absolutely worth knowing.

A bit of crystal ball gazing to help ensure your priorities as a freelance software developer get sorted for next year.

Neither a three-month gap, nor a correctly made payment, can derail historic holiday pay underpayment claims.

When even a tiny edge over rivals matters, ditch the drink to see how you perform as energised, enhanced and emotionally-balanced.

A freshly blacklisted arrangement is already under a stop notice, as is another scheme run by the very same director.

Making yourself visible to ‘hidden’ contractor opportunities is the way to go when the open market falters.

IHT, pensions and ISA changes. Each look likelier on Nov 22nd than what contractors actually need -- a new body to license umbrella companies.

Economic woes eat into prospects and pay for IT contractors, despite 17 different techies being in short supply in September.

Increasing how much tax-free saving accounts can hold would be better than streamlining ISAs on November 22nd.

The process for probing cases of serious harm and suicide linked to government policy is farcical, and insulting to 10 grieving families, says Sammy Wilson MP in this ContractorUK exclusive.

Forget him trying to improve his off-payroll working tool, the taxman should just rename it, ‘CEST - Cheating Every Self-employed Taxpayer.’

It’s the make-up of each brick in the taxman’s 60-strong ‘wall of shame’ that deserves your close scrutiny.

A call to remove the Sword of Damocles is understandable, even if it shouldn't be aimed at the chancellor.

Overview to CEST’s update, including what’s not changing, and why we’re all waiting on PGMOL.

HMRC’s new five-year high in foreign tax authority data requests indicates its link-up with 110 taxmen in 2014 was only the start.

We are where we are, which - decoded for contractors - means the cheap money era is over. So don’t lose your dream home over FOMO.

A 60-strong list of hardly new arrangements which HMRC says to avoid signals ‘its efforts to stop avoidance aren’t working.’

Managed Service Company rules are so widely drafted that us advisers are too spooked to help contractors, as we fear personal liabilities from influencing or involvement.

Unworkable -- even harmful, and definitely passing the buck. This quick fix attempt at brolly regulation just won’t do.

'Mr White' features in both, but unlike Reservoir Dogs, Manolete Partners v White is a tale of cunning plans, executed with real flair.

Before going forward to HMRC to blame their tax adviser, contractors should check they’d pass the ‘double-reasonableness test.’