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Brexit and covid uncertainty is paving a path which is leading end-users to temps first.

Penalties and a criminal record awaits the ‘irresponsible’ ignoring the 14-day self-isolation order.

As huge tax reform is already waiting in the wings, an ‘odd tweak’ to other rates is seen as more likely.

Do you want to be the football guru on ContractorUK and win a cash prize?

Almost all the liabilities PSCs pay stand to be hiked at chancellor Sunak’s November statement.

Official support for homeowners runs out on Oct 31, the most frightening day in the calendar – this year more than most.

One of London’s oldest financial institutions is among the contractor clients committing to the new normal way to work.

‘Groundswell of public support’ lets accounting boss upwardly revise his big number to £325,000.

An old appeal to shun take-home pay inflators could do with reissuing now, thanks to IR35 reform.

Workers wanting to be ‘in the know’ (plus a new regulator) give KIDs a bright future.

Sunak asked to put a special income levy on all DR loans, and a six-month declaration delay.

A defence about the sports presenter’s ‘brand’ could have produced a very different result.

Six scenarios which Brexit guidance to work temporarily abroad will likely refer to, and which contractors should beware.

There’s changes for your pitch, and even IR35 upsides, in the new normal of deserted offices.

Self-care, asking for feedback, and going back to basics are among agencies’ top tips.

This crisis has been very different to its forerunners. Herrings, cats, dogs, and bears. With contractors bitten and mauled.

The devil could be in the ever-changing detail. But fortunately on NI, redundancy and overtime, there’s now clarity.

The minister reckons PSCs have got it good. Actually, official support for them falls woefully short.

A great decline from the pandemic has pushed freelancer income into the red, with devastating prospects – IPSE.

The entrepreneur is assured of his day in court to fight the government’s lockdown.

Tech hiring downturn eases in line with lockdown lifting, but ‘we’re not in the clear yet.’

There’s no secret to Accelerated Payment Notices reducing. The taxman has just run out of targets.

A conditions-based contractor amnesty would let the taxman protect and serve, and avoid a painful rerun.

Reputational damage, EAS penalties and retrospective claims by off-payroll workers. The risks of not sorting KIDs shouldn’t be sniffed at.

A Loan Charge successor could mimic IR35 reform by making the supply chain responsible  -- former tax inspector.

Capital Gains Tax : How it will be scrutinised and potentially hiked as soon as Autumn Budget 2020.

Cancel your ‘test’ Jesse Norman. I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.

What changes PSCs can expect (or just hope for) in the official preparations for off-payroll reform.

And expecting any official measures to close or underpin it, is like waiting for Godot.

An evolving market for technology skills means evolving demand for its temporary practitioners – Hays.

Sir Keir Starmer’s template-reply to people who’ve lost their livelihoods wins him new followers.

While it may not cover all their costs, brollies are backing Sunak for his £1,000 job retention bonus.

For people who’ve set up their own company, the news from the chancellor’s summer economic update couldn’t be less summery.

Furlough bonus, VAT cut and stamp duty holiday. Yet no respite from IR35 reform, or the reissuing of already discredited off-payroll statements.

Rishi Sunak delivers his covid-imposed plan for jobs, which excludes anything new on IR35.

Largest monthly rise in tech contract opportunities will be cheered, but comes with caveats.

Where demand and the money is in the technology sector’s 'new normal.'

A voluntary settlement offer is among the options being looked at in wake of NC31’s no-vote.

Fifty MPs, a letter by the bereaved and a pledge of suicide all fails to stop the state in its tracks, in a ‘sad,’ ‘shameful’ night in the Commons.

‘Confine the charge to taxpayers who knew the loan was taxable, but remove it if they declared to HMRC.’

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