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Unworkable -- even harmful, and definitely passing the buck. This quick fix attempt at brolly regulation just won’t do.

'Mr White' features in both, but unlike Reservoir Dogs, Manolete Partners v White is a tale of cunning plans, executed with real flair.

Before going forward to HMRC to blame their tax adviser, contractors should check they’d pass the ‘double-reasonableness test.’

Advisers are relieved, as an avoidance scheme that preyed on many contractors is finally ‘named and shamed’ -- albeit just for the next 12 months only.

Leaving just one part of your profile less than ‘dope’ could be what loses you that dream IT contract.

The underway Festival of Learning is the perfect springboard to teach yourself what you want, over what your clients need.

The future for Power BI contractors looks bright, as organisations focus on data-driven decision-making, data visualisation and analytics.

Staffing body the REC says the tech sector needs temporary workers to support more projects.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt must use Autumn Statement to answer a weighty question that flexible staff end-users need answering, and soon.

Contractor sector shares its hopes, fears and expectations on the back of chancellor Jeremy Hunt setting the date for his second AS.

Not having enough expertise to go around can no longer only be a job for organisations.

It’s taken government a long time to get here. But the wait until contractors have clarity on umbrella companies isn’t going to be short.

‘Promptly,’ or ‘weekly at least.’ Not following the contractual terms of when you must submit to get paid can prove costly.

Binns, Zajota, Pajpani and even Collins put the onus on umbrellas to be crystal clear on what and how much they pay contractors.

It’s not a loophole, nor a golden ticket, but your ‘managed services contract’ as a ‘consultancy’ might be an HMRC investigation-target.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt expected to help ex-workers with mental health issues, using ideas from the minister who introduced the Loan Charge.

Only a few hours left for workers, umbrellas -- and agencies, to contribute to the government consultation on umbrella company compliance

Contractor sector employers rather than individual contractors may need to act, now the UK is strengthening the enshrining of requests to work contractor-like patterns.

Importing overseas contractors is billed as how to keep the UK on a par with rivals ahead of the curve on CCUS and AI.

Digital estate planning as a contractor is clearly lax if it covers you but not your company.

The government’s belated bid to regulate brollies is attracting neither mass support from experts nor many submissions by workers.

Hiring 1,630 temps but not engaging a single PSC outside IR35, the recruitment approach of the Revenue is irony at its most alarming.

On top of making the default time to pay them compulsory, the UK’s tiny companies deserve tougher enforcement against late payers.

Dividend-payers should get clued up on the worst-case scenario -- HMRC seizing personal assets to recover amounts owed to your limited company.

Overview to how much you can distribute without needing to tell the taxman.

How to look after and value ‘you,’ amid the price of everything around you going haywire.

Improving the off-payroll rules, while threatening abusive brolly engagers with a hefty HMRC liability, should put PSCs back in vogue.

You wouldn’t want just anything to happen to your physical body and assets after death, so why should your digital presence and digital assets be any different?

A compromise to ease the impasse between taxman and taxpayer exists -- but it’ll take clean hands and open minds before the long journey can begin.

A Companies House filing from June 28th raises concern for a ‘large number’ of out-of-pocket Optimum users.

In wake of Optimum Pay Group entering insolvency, Lawspeed outlines the options if your umbrella company is next to fold.

Do you want to be the football guru on ContractorUK and win a cash prize?

A shake-up in technology hiring has already begun -- those who recognise rather than resent it will be its beneficiaries.

Once the 'go-to' pension for tiny traders, a SIPP in 2023 represents a proposition all contractors should get their head around.

The appetite for temporary techies finally grows again, on the back of economic jitters and employers ‘reshaping.’

SafeRec sits down with a worker who came perilously close to falling into the clutches of an abusive arrangement, built by a former taxman.

Overview of options of the financial type -- for when contractors want to stop contracting and build a nest egg.

What we actually want the government’s consultation to achieve, by the Freelancer & Contractor Services Association’s Chris Bryce.

An accreditation body joins umbrella companies in misusing logos, highlighting just how much of a ‘Wild West’ the government’s consultation has to tame.

With temporary techies’ pay up 23% in the last two years, our advice to clients to not cut corners on rates must be resonating -- SThree.

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