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Contracting News

Tips for a contractor hoping a referral model is all cash gain, not financial pain.  

Having not first succeeded, LCAG is trying again to raise the Revenue’s CEO about tax-inspired suicide attempts.

Our call to the taxman to set up a suicide helpline has been answered, disgracefully -- LCAG.

‘We want to help’ claims the Revenue, ‘but we can only help those who come forward.’

A status lawyer sums up recent implications for contractors, and says how HMRC can be silenced.

Unprecedented, company-crippling payment terms will undergo their first test on Friday.

Far off May’s peak, growth in IT contractor demand has now reverted to Q1 territory.

Mel Stride MP tackled for uttering what critics count to be four falsehoods.

Treasury minister written to for his ‘astonishing, appalling, fundamentally untrue’ reply.

New payment terms slammed as ‘another nail in the public sector contracting coffin.'

There’s a crossover into Big and Artificial, yet today it’s ‘old’ Data skills which drive contractor demand.

‘Far from just erring on tax forms, applicants told a £10,000 lie to remain in the UK.’

Two cases of contractor mislabelling require a four-fold definition, says IPSE.

'Character and conduct' of a freelance techie being sullied by a 'guilty until innocent approach.'

Contractors and others who set their own hours will be less tempted to show work the red card.

Pay gap and permie growth losing out, thanks to more females joining the fold.

People phoning in to kill themselves over backdated tax is overrunning a lobbyist.

What the first responder to ‘countless’ suicide attempts over retrospection is telling the taxman.

New anti-money laundering rules will be the eye of a perfect legislative storm from Tuesday.

Telling lies and turning blind eyes if IR35 changes could put PSCs' partners in the dock.

Firms warned they face a ‘tsunami of claims’ from ex-contractors demanding cash.

Agency says clients tried to turn contractors, yet today the experienced have the edge.

Ex-tax inspector says it’ll all backfire for HMRC if Direct Engagement schemes flourish.

Same old-same old for clients, yet a 10-month high for IT contractors.

Ministers must do what the taxman won’t -- keep their ears, eyes and minds open.

PSC directors who bet their home for a loan lose big in a property downturn -- BoE.

NAO tipped to tackle why the taxman’s external tech help bill is up by 9,000%.

Don’t panic about HMRC delays, but bear in mind they unfortunately won’t affect IR35 reform.

The road is long, expensive and emotional draining, say tiny tech company founders.

Five areas of the private sector IR35 reform proposal fail the (whole) truth test.

Slightly less liabilities on hirers, plus chain-wide IR35 compliance? HMRC may have found its answer.

‘Strong demand for only partially financially-satisfied contractors is due to post-GDPR work, not just pre.’

What GDPR is; how to comply and why IT contractors will probably welcome it.

Claims being made about claims are unnecessarily clouding convoluted T&S rules.

Delays, increased costs and bigger workloads. And that’s the government’s own findings.

A lot for the taxman to tackle before 2020 (no sooner please), because his thinking is flawed.

Qdos wants your views about being a PSC amid the BBC/NHS/IR35 debacle.

PSCs -- look forward, because a perfect storm of contractor regulation is brewing.

Private sector IR35 reform? Yes, but not as you know it.

Stephen Lloyd MP tackles the ‘unfair’ backdating of Disguised Remuneration rules.

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