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Aside from reassurance about historical enquiries, HMRC’s last minute-materials won’t mean much to most.

With unwieldy HMRC changes imminent, curbing how to challenge a public body looks poorly timed.

Having been on the receiving end of the courts, the PM moves to restrict how IT contractors often fight.

And other ‘injustices’ to get fresh eyes, and ideas -- to tackle promoters and ‘indifferent’ HMRC.

An 11-year low is revealed by the REC, which warns of IR35 reform coming ‘at the worst time.’

The later than expected Budget may have the IR35 reform review to blame.

A better than expected Morse Review, for you and us, is why battleplans are being drawn up, by them.

The middle ground is more palatable for the unaffected, but it doesn’t bring finality.

Almost 40,000 taxpayer-contractors will get financial relief under the Sir Amyas Morse Review.

Just what you’ve always wanted: the gift of an excuse to escape the in-laws over the festivities and file in solitude.

Risk is calling almost all the shots being fired at ‘Ltd’ suppliers. The government ought now to listen.

From HMRC defeats to knee-jerk banks, 2019 was eventful for contractors. But 2020 is set to be huge.

Four off-payroll fundamentals that PSC workers can’t afford not to broach. And in order.

Forget events prime minister, it’s timings (of IR35, the Loan Charge) that risks decimating the freelance sector.

Despite being the last major party to pledge an IR35 reform review, it’s a resounding win for Boris Johnson and his Tories.

PSCs to soon have ‘IR35 certainty,’ even if that means getting just 8 weeks’ lead time.

Word-for-word: what Labour has now put on the record about April 2020's rules.

ContractorUK readers called to join today’s demo, designed so Sajid Javid can’t say he wasn’t warned.

Whoever replaces Paul Uppal should get the SBC’s terms, remit and scope replaced too.

Contractor body reveals which politician said what -- and to what effect at its small business pitch-off.

No matter who wins general election 2019, the winding-up tax break looks like a loser.

Jeremy Corbyn wants a new employment category for everyone except those in business on their own account.

Swinson’s axe-the-Loan-Charge-vow will win her natural Conservative voters, predicts LBC’s Iain Dale.

LCAG fears recommendations are already with the Revenue, in breach of terms.

The three party leaders’ new comments hold policy clues for the contractor sector.

PSCs at HSBC and M&G get extended until March, as talent and cost alerts persist.

Like us, taxpayers should deal in the facts, not some speculative or wished-for outcome -- WTT.

In an event-run world of murky twilight, shifting sands, and contrasting views, toe the line.

Slowdown hits just as the Brexit extension brings hirers back from the brink.

A status square-off between two public sector giants has led to a potentially calculated throwing in of the towel.

The UK contractor industry’s first ever awards ceremony was a resounding success. For these 20 firms especially.

Five specialisms that are ‘hot’ right now, and five more to get you through the cold snap.

But the Zurich-led country won’t let you use your limited, not that it matters if money talks.

MPs say going to the polls on the 12th makes the disclosure requirement on the 31st ‘illegitimate.’

Taxman demands millions from the health service’s digital arm, for fumbling its use of his own ‘toolkit.’

The £60k stretch target is now in the urologist’s sights, as things ‘could get complicated.’

Ten contractor supporters join this website in calling the elected to stand against further IR35 reform.

There’s something wrong when he who pushed through the loan charge gets to have oversight of it.

As HMRC refuses to fully accept all tax dispute recommendations, contractors are urged to act.

Disappointing controversy was warned against, and now needs sorting with fair treatment – ICAEW.

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