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An emergency order is the only way to stop the loan charge suicide rate doubling, Javid told.

Minister’s review letter that doesn’t initially detail the review raises a ‘frightening’ prospect.

Dead ahead: Contractors, brace yourselves for a surface-level assessment of considerable icebergs.

Experts, advisers and MPs fear a rerun of the Treasury’s March ‘whitewash.’

It’s practical and proportionate to pause the charge while it’s appropriateness is assessed.

Lehman and AWR were the last time growth in the appetite for freelance IT skills was so weak.

The prime minister’s assurance of action is welcomed, but contractors are cautioned over what it doesn’t mean.

To contractors, the country’s finances and even the PM, this retrospective tax could be their undoing.

A simple message to coincide with the Spending Review needs your voice to amplify it.

Opening up is the key to unlocking what you need to put your house in order, and your partners’ houses, for April 6th.

Why ruining 1,500 contractors’ bank holiday weekends (and potentially their livelihoods), takes more balance than you might think.

An important cut-off if you’re caught by the charge and are settling looms large -- a week today.

'It’s highlighting and challenging that’s the main point of writing to Johnson, Javid and Norman.'

What this website and ten other contractor groups have told the PM and chancellor.

As an ex-Tory leader admits shame, the incumbent is begged by the bereaved to act.

Sector stalwarts join ContractorUK in pressing the PM and chancellor on their contractor commitments.

Political heavyweight Sir Vince Cable joins the many MPs landing the very same blows on the loan charge.

Government told resisting a rush job on contractor tax reform would stem labour market uncertainty.

Harvey Nash on how prep for IR35’s revamp means meetings, questions and audits (all involving you).

Bank to ‘undoubtedly’ keep engaging PSCs, but it still wants 5,000 external techies on-payroll.

PM urged to act sooner rather than later, as August’s and September’s cut-off could claim more lives.

The Insolvency Service’s CET are like a lightning bolt; scary, but unlikely to strike you down.

Entries have now been sorted, scrutinised and judged by the panel to create impressive shortlists.

Our new PM is many things, but have you got him pegged as a rate-negotiation model? You should.

Alert issued over fake clients, and fraudulent ‘contractors’ making off with agencies’ cash.

Ex-Tory leader reminds the current leader about HMT’s ‘unfair, damaging retrospection.’

The contractor sector’s biggest endorsement yet of the PM’s appointments goes to HMT’s new boss.

The case of the doctor who did a commendable job underlines the injustice imposed, and incoming, on others who work independently.

Time (and volatility) might not be on the new Tory leader’s side, but the hope is he’ll clear the big obstacles.

‘We are analysing your feedback’ really meant ‘We are dismissing if it doesn’t meet our three aims.’

When being wise after the event still lands an airline the biggest fine yet.

Minister deluged with personal testimony after saying he welcomes being corrected by evidence.

Come 2020, it looks as if a channel open for contractors to independently contest bad IR35 decisions will close.

Loan Charge APPG tells peers that Jesse Norman’s pledge doesn’t mean what it sounds like.

A great way to learn and find work excludes almost 1milllion agency contractors, government told.

This full admission is welcome, says WTT; less so what it says about HMRC.

The three reasons clients give for not sorting your IR35 status will go as Finance Bill arrives tomorrow.

Thompson hit for internally using a pursuit animal image, even though contractors have died from being chased.

Full-timer scarcity reduced too, but ‘hiring right’ is tech start-ups’ biggest obstacle.

Counting down to disclosure needs some clarity, as HMRC has brought only opaqueness.

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