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Contracting News

And other hirers will do more for you than just read your beginning, middle and end.

'More non-permies on premiums, and fewer having rates cut than pre-EU vote.'

Separating fact from fiction about what's now here -- IR35 reform in the public sector.

Taxman tackles a 'contractor' arrangement that disguises income as loyalty points.

Getting to grips with how a brolly operates is the key to avoiding any nasty surprises.

Chancellor's concession is welcomed, but reservations remain over MTD's cost, timing and use.

April showers on PSCs make payroll firms' pensions a tax shelter worth exploring.

Will April's IR35 legislation leave more PSCs in its wake than last April's T&S rules?

Get tailored help on the off-payroll rules, to work out what 23 days’ time means for you.

Budget's biggest windfall is by setting the break-evens at £2,000, £8,667 and £10,092.

Theresa May's intervention is welcomed, yet up to £700 more in Class 4 is still incoming.

Varying levels of outcry reflect varying levels of tax, but your new liability is capped at £1,143.

Planning, info and advice are the best triple-lock to protect against Hammond's squeeze.

£3,000 hike in PSCs' taxable income seen as a lesser evil than extending off-payroll rules.

Philip Hammond delivers his first Budget, to prepare Britain for a 'fairer' future.

IFA: Will the chancellor strike the right (or wrong) notes for your personal finances?

Contractors should look (at these figures) before they leap into an umbrella company before April 6th.

The options are unfortunately few and far between for PSCs owed at least £250,000.

The key announcements that brolly users and PSCs will hear from Hammond.

Beeb investigation finding ‘unfairness’ hailed as grounds to close all brollies.

PSCs and their agents will find a new 'cornerstone' just as pointed as umbrellas.

New series on what agencies make of public sector IR35 reform starts with this Q&A.

How the public sector might look to IT contractors in a few months' time.

Half a dozen new ways for commerce to flow are already changing industries.

January was buoyant, but dry if you wanted to cash-in on IT temp shortages.

To have an IR35 review, or not have an IR35 review? That is the question, as new rules loom.

What we should've said about where we are now on appealing IR35 from April.

Not even 10 out of 26,000 petitions have made a difference, figures indicate.

And the two 'not so hot' temporary IT specialists who might struggle this year.

Wholly ludicrous: 10 items HMRC scoffed at before rejecting.

Just 70 days to go until public bodies and agents must be up and running with a new IR35.

'Stick to who you know' seems to prevail, when 'what you know' is under threat.

Who's won what and what they'd like to say in return for your vote.

Hi-tech sector speaks of delight and desperation, as it rips off the PM’s 'helping hand.'

At-a-glance: the blueprint to 'create more highly skilled, highly paid opportunities.'

Late payers the likely cause of a still 'stubbornly high' VAT debt mountain.

Tech entrepreneur tries to compute the PM's Davos pledge on IT leadership.

Are they supplying people or services? Or both? IR35 expert reveals what you need to ask.

Introducing the Employment Status Service -- the new name for HMRC's IR35 test.

Panel of MPs joins chorus calling for a delay, at least to '2019/20, possibly later.'

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