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Contracting News

Temporary techies among those increasingly challenging decisions by HMRC.

What EBTs (and you) should keep in mind about the Rangers case, ahead of Wednesday's ruling.

Fresh curbs on the perk when selling a company are 'part of general squeeze' on PSCs.

A light-hearted look at HMRC’s stance on status, and how it can all change like the flip of a coin.

How dividends, IR35 and other taxing areas are affected by yesterday's Tory-DUP deal.

Fraudsters 'disproportionately targeting' people who run their own limited company.

As Brexit talks begin, the chancellor's agenda tallies with the contractor sector's.

Survey says it wants techies to tell-all about UK-EU threats and opportunities.

Fraudster family sent down for a decade each for their 'flexible attitude' to HMRC rules.

One breed of worker is ideally suited to today's turbulent conditions, hirers reminded.

Amid 'political limbo,' the contractor sector reveals why it helped give the PM a bloody nose.

Most predict a boost for contractors; others aren't so sure and foresee 'devastation.'

Contractors speak up about which political party -- and leader -- deserves their cross.

May saw demand for temporary IT skills leap to a level unseen since April 2015.

McDonnel matches Hammond by promising a post-election Budget.

Strangling a golden egg-laying goose? That's what the state is doing to contractors -- IPSE.

Two specialist IT contractors lead the pack of precise tech skills that clients need.

Unhappy anniversary: the woeful way April's off-payroll rules are playing out.

LinkedIn -- is it really useful or just another social media platform?

End-users want freelancers' niches to help navigate today’s perfect storm.

The big three's key pledges to 'Ltd' workers and contracting.

70% of techies want to leave since 'Leave,' and half as many are put off their own IT biz.

Contractors would lose the £3bn brolly sector under Labour's manifesto pledge.

Wilfully ignorant, or just uninformed? Either way, Corbyn’s brolly ban is bizarre.

Snap election extends your chance to input on 'wholly exclusively and necessarily.'

Brexit and government policy sapping one-person businesses to a 'concerning' level.

Tech body overseeing cyber attacked NHS is 'operating without a permanent leader.'

The government-owned bank is wielding its axe over 154 IT contractor jobs.

Where we are now on divorcing from the EU, and how contractors will marry with the process.

Brexit uncertainty isn't stopping clients sourcing the IT contractors they need. 

What the UK's new administration should commit to on June 9th and why.

But talk of 'working families,' and a vow to hike company tax, will unsettle contractors.

Forget next year’s cut to it, it's the dividend allowance itself that the taxman can't compute.

Tiny traders overwhelmingly plan to keep at it, despite economic worries.

Digital accounts dropped from Finance Bill, but a 'retrospective IR35 shock' is included.

Labour vows to hit big firms that leave their small suppliers in the financial lurch.

Labour and Tories start tax talk, as a status review and post-election Budget are mooted.

Contractor sector in 'great danger' of off-payroll problems becoming permanent.

How limiting your income can be more financially rewarding than it sounds.

A common status scenario we've seen since April 6th, and what to do about it.

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