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Britons contracting in Europe said to be tempted, despite HMRC’s success.

Fines for not paying you are, well; fine, but recovery costs are really where reform could come into its own.

Both prime ministerial contenders make commitments to independently probing the disguised remuneration tax.

And if they become the first of many, day-rate contract work has surely had its day.

Agents are among those who want it all now. Don’t disappoint; do it in near-real time.

Nine contractor outfits join this website in calling our next PM to nullify both the Loan Charge and IR35 reform.

What your advisers, lobbyists and publications are today telling our country’s next prime minister.

Treasury minister’s take on new stats is at odds with multiple charges that they don’t stack up.

The ins and outs of CGT, including what’s new from April 2020.

As the Holden case shows, attempts to find skeletons in your cupboard can only go so far.

MPs including a ‘determined’ Sir Ed Davey get a face-to-face with the loan charge minister.

Uncertainty is likely to blame if you’re on the bench through no fault of your own.

Where firms are borrowing from the old IR35 of 2017, to prepare for the new in 2020.

A look at some of the big players implies all will not be lost when IR35 rules change; but playing catch-up still pervades.

MP fighting for No 10 is pacified by a radio phone-in asking her about death and taxes.

What an aspiring Tory leader said when the daughter of a loan charge suicide victim rung her up.

Your chance to help depose Bad King John’s successor by protesting in Runnymede on Saturday.

The freelance world closing in is almost here; again. But it’s a (un) merry-go-round some of us can get off.

Brexit bounce squashed by an 83-month loss, ahead of a ‘summer of stalemate’.

Even a mix of the likely models, and motivators, can’t be banked on to beat IR35 from April 2020.

Taxman is likened to a trapdoor spider, waiting for users who fall into his web to accrue penalties.

Staying when we ought to have left (by now) is governing the worse position contractors are in -- IPSE.

Jesse Norman faces the biggest show of MP support for probing and postponing the charge.

A £20,000 payout by the MoD ends the horror for Holden but for contractors, the questions begin.

Programming clients to run demos of what you dread, while extolling how your weekend matters.

MPs are told the Treasury has given them partial, misleading or simply ‘not true’ answers.

Jesse Norman MP ‘consulting’ on throwing his hat into the ring to succeed Theresa May.

Whether it stays or it goes, new data legislation is here now, and enforcement is next.

Software engineering and security gaps are a shoo-in for freelancers, at banks especially.

Jesse Norman MP inundated with calls to suspend, delay and review the ‘pernicious’ tax.

Only one working day left to object to the biggest assault on off-payroll workers in two decades.

As misleading maestro Mel gets promoted, his old boss must answer for his own sinister conduct and allegations.

Not being part of a team is good for your status; and even better for your demons.

And where in the capital rates are almost £1,000 a day.

‘It’s Revenue customers, not the Revenue, who’s behind tax not being collected 20 years ago.’

‘Loan-busting’ scheme promoters get picked up. Questioned. And released.

Agree or disagree with IR35 changing in April? There’s only a week left to speak up.

Chancellor asked if he’ll do the ‘extraordinary’ -- finally listen and act.

Placing HMRC higher up the payment pecking order in insolvency is premature and poorly timed.

Chancellor told to consider if his ‘misleading’ comments need amending or clarifying.

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