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Contracting News

Get to grips with what’s not a boring bit of paper, to have a window into your brolly.

Amid all the skills scarcity, some will get you hired rapidly -- others will leave your chances cold.

Consequences for the EU -- and UK -- will be significant post-March 30th 2019. Right!?

What do Hammond's measures mean for you, your income, your business strategy, and the future of IR35?

The main areas where Hammond hit (or helped) limited and umbrella workers.

An unchanged forecast for your finances won’t excite, but 'no news is good news.'

Hammond unveils his second Budget, to 'build a Britain fit for the future.'

The inaugural Autumn Budget is almost here: how might it affect your cash?

Are you in the 15%? You've got options but, unlike HMRC, you'll probably wish they were better.

It's not only this Budget that supporters of ER will want it to emerge from unscathed.

Below pay and perks is your status -- unexplained, but of the utmost importance.

Just because our sector can manage, it’ll be remiss of the government if it repeats its mistakes.

The 22nd isn't just about IR35, as Hammond tends to hit PSCs on multiple fronts.

My half-year assessment of IR35 in the public sector is in -- and it doesn't look very good.

Sole trader or 'Ltd'? Here’s how your skills development options should be improved.

Scarcity of computer skills soars, with 22 types of techie now deemed 'hard to find.'

The ability of even the US President to incite backlash may be dwarfed by the chancellor's on the 22nd.

UK capital goes from almost no shortages to half a dozen in just a month.

Autumn Budget expected to contain a suspension or snip to the £85,000 threshold.

A single way to treat courses no matter how attendees freelance is fairer, chancellor told.

Blinkered and naïve, the Revenue is digging a deeper hole for itself.

Less than a year to correct UK tax issues or filings for your offshore matters.

Conditions for IT contractors improving despite EU ambiguity, or perhaps because of it.

Other anti-contractor measures, affecting take-home pay, regarded as just as likely.

Contractors' preferred way to pay spreads to the general economy, beating forecasts five-fold.

Crooks exploit HMRC's fault-finding reputation, to get you clicking on an illusion.

The press pack’s reporting of the Glenister case is wrong, unhelpful and dangerous.

Chancellor tipped to go big on November 22nd, making IR35 reform a firmer prospect.

Taxman's tie-ups to get data automatically are making him probe more, not less.

There's a three-fold story unfolding, and part of it features a 30% rate increase.

Your last chance to discuss data protection guarantees, before you have to make them.

The PM's Florence speech didn't do definitives, but the expectation on compliance is clear.

But a shortage of red meat is making company directors hungry for more, says the IoD.

Top tips, examples and diagrams deployed to clear up confusion about brollies.

There's no gunpowder or plot, but HMRC could next week deem you a treasonous taxpayer.

Woman who works on behalf of the state put in custody for potentially spying against it.

'Define self-employment, set new legal tests and introduce dependent contractor status.'

Multiple concerns aren't getting in the way of the off-payroll rules being hailed as a success.

Chancellor warned off private sector IR35 reform, as it'll leave HMRC short-changed.

Tax bodies say anti-limited company measures make DR more necessary, not less.

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