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Contracting News

Intervene or be reckless in the extreme, May told, amid ‘more lives being increasingly at risk.’

As IR35 is reform largely set, and Brexit isn’t, contractor accountants aren’t expecting much.

Focus on fashioning the reform’s unpalatable parts, because the government’s mind looks made up.

For the good of our economy chancellor, you can’t afford to ignore the levy’s mounting problems.

Register now to hear how Hammond’s moves will affect you and how you operate.

Three new letters, and the third time Spring Statement is seen as a chance to ‘put back’ April’s tax.

‘For the economy and for us, the outlook is grim, in the short and long-term.’

As the knockout blow eludes MPs, it’s Loan Charge officials who are actually inflicting the real damage.

A day of mass protest and moving evidence culminates in claims of unconstitutional conduct.

With loan charge, Brexit and IR35 uncertainty, is the devil in the detail all we can rely on?

An offence with huge implications for contracting just got its own widget for whistle-blowers.

A question that the Revenue last year dodged is finally answered -- by contractors it hired.

As HMRC signs off its ‘guinea pig’ model, it’s end-users who continue to rule the IR35 roost.

Clients have a single decision to make whereas agencies face a laundry list, plus a bed of nails.

Protest organisers call you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with MPs fighting retrospection.

MPs get a preview of how HMRC’s tax has turned people’s lives upside down.

Sir Ed Davey’s APPG wants you to come forward to outline the ‘reality of your situation.’

What private sector preparations for the 2020 rules should look like right now.

‘Wait and see’ mode until Brexit completes has put the brakes on contract billings.

Divisiveness, change and removal. It’s all gone on, but now it’s time to move on.

A lot of off-payroll rule uncertainty looms, but there isn’t a lot of will to stem it. Or is there?

Contractors, it’s time to remove HMRC’s ability to be judge, jury and executioner.

Taxpayers on less than £30k are offered an automatic, ‘no questions asked’ arrangement.

Chancellor to get to his feet two weeks pre-Brexit, a few weeks post-IR35 consultation.

The three things you need to do to help land premiums, not pain, when jumping jobs.

Fill in our short survey for the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Aside to small fluctuations contractors will welcome, the big move looks like less IR35-inspired hiring of permies.

Leaf-turning by a blinkered, intransigent HMRC is an unlikely prospect -- at least on IR35.

A cross-party group of peers and MPs will probe the April tax’s impact on contractors.

FSB: It’s right to review what could ruin the self-employed, ‘retrospective’ or not.

Knowing yourself is the key to exploiting fierce competition, sharp appetite and rising rates.

CGT not being taken off you doesn’t make you a victim (although you may be).

QC tweets against the ‘spin’ of a taxman who he says should be ‘soul-searching’.

Shortlist you for a detail-orientated environment? Probably not if you can’t spell.

No-deal, so no transition period in the year IR35 toughens, is a growing prospect.

‘The April charge is the sort of taxation that led to the birth of the Magna Carta.’

Save your outrage for HMRC’s ‘external consultant,’ as ‘Sir CEO’ is de rigueur.

Why at this time of year testing the market or playing hardball can be fatal.

No 10 is drawn into the retrospective row, thanks to a Lib Dem MP’s question and amendment.

Demand grew, IT talent gaps opened, but now the uncertainty is even affecting temps.

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