COVID-19 Guides

It may be the ‘hot coals’ for one PSC’s tax adviser but to use CJRS, the rest of his team might need embracing warmly.

Commuting a long distance, and back again for a long weekend, is likely to be acceptable, even if it does look foolish.

Budget not covid stopped an ex-PSC’s project, so it’s up to his umbrella to provide coverage.

A contractor’s spouse has got more chance with her old employer than her new one.

The government has been generous, but not to everyone, and especially not to umbrella contractors.

Nothing in the legislation for the CJRS forces umbrellas to cover their workers.

Make like Rocky, not Bob, if you want to survive n’ thrive through the coronavirus outbreak.

Flow chart on the furlough scheme, for both umbrella and limited company contractors hoping for 80% coverage.

Playing catch-up, not hard ball, is probably why a brolly is barring SSP, yet it can pay 80% of NMW.

'Opting out hardly helps to get paid for time worked. But the real wrongdoing is with your recruiter.'

Lawyer cautions a contractor about confusing his furloughs, and about challenging IR35 decisions in challenging times.

This pandemic provides the perfect conditions for limited companies to ask leniency of the taxman.

By only ‘encouraging’ non-central government clients to pay out, the chancellor is ensuring thousands of contractors get overlooked.

Limited options for a ‘Ltd’ contractor whose start date was deferred due to coronavirus.

Legal aid for a limited company contractor whose IR35 case is undermined by his coronavirus hopes.

Overview to the only cash grant PSC owners are being offered during the pandemic.

Welcome as it is, a suspension to the wrongful trading rules won’t see limited company contractors right.

Sensible and efficient, the Right to Work changes covering you and your umbrella are in force immediately.

Forced to work? Fanatical to work? There’s practical contractual steps to take and a key clause to scrutinise.