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Fears raised that the ‘eyes and ears of many contractors’ may be manipulated by promoters passing themselves off as legitimate businesses.

Expert accountant reassures that the traditional way to pay HMRC will always likely remain, albeit with disincentives.

A good initiative? Or a glorified payroll calculator? Fluctuating pay is the real issue that needs attention, or at least acknowledgement.

Stopping the taxman in his tracks as he took on an end-user with 300+ contractors went like this.

At odds with what it originally said, the hacked outsourcing giant says customer, colleague and supplier date got ‘exfiltrated.’

The contractor industry can largely get behind a set-off mechanism from April 6th 2024 -- even if it smacks of the government's whack-a-mole approach.

Even if more PSCs due to appear in the dock doesn’t worry you, still review CJRS claims if you took salary with dividends.

With none of the normal delay between government intention and government action, it’s good to see officials moving forward on rolled-up holiday pay.

A cautious contractor sector welcomes a new consultation on giving workers their holiday pay regularly and upfront.

The former FCSA umbrella company regrets ‘oversights’ but is ‘delighted’ at what it says is vindication over ‘deliberate wrongdoing’.

With the loan charge year about to run out, this DA season hit contractors harder than usual. And then there’s the kicker -- a tax on PAYE tax.

Nervy employers ‘hedging their bets’ are boosting IT contractors, despite a few software issues.

A ruling in Italy is yet to make waves in the UK, where working with AI is still the prevailing wisdom.

Less of a nuisance to browse online and make websites comply sounds good, despite UK-EU ‘clear water’ concerns. And a sanction rocketing by 3500%.

Following appeals to make the LISA fit for purpose for contractor saving, AJ Bell says it’s better to just bin it.

Not before time, the taxman responds to concerns dating back to 2017 that he’s 'immorally' taxing the same income twice.

Fake limited company workers ‘in cahoots’ with hoax clients are preying on the practice of agencies paying PSCs thousands in advance.

Ghost contractors and clients have haunted our sector for years, but they’re still easily defeated by the old adage ‘If it seems too good to be true…’

Extreme caution advised, as two schemes with an Option Grant Agreement are characterised as no option unless you like a large tax bill.

Charting the rise in non-compliant umbrella companies out to get contractors -- and how to ensure it’s them, not you, who fall.

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