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Hays finds that despite many feeling apprehensive about AI, most IT contractors will undergo Artificial Intelligence training -- before it ‘really takes hold.’

Two highly technical grounds of appeal succeeding for the taxman don’t make the UT’s decision necessarily right, according to IR35 advisers who have no less than six misgivings.

How to cope and get hired in a yoyo-ing market, where ghosting, rejection, and no callbacks are taking a toll.

Two political parties say the Single Enforcement Body is back in contention, which probably won’t disappoint contractors -- or a few Labour Market Enforcement officials.

PSCs face the odd prospect of having to put their divi deets on an ‘employment page,’ so HMRC can deepen its IR35 insight.

Four ways the physical helps the mental -- ideal if you’re an IT contractor stuck behind a screen.

A Labour pledge to rethink the government’s OPW rules would be a marginally bigger vote-winner than a vow to repeal, but the manifesto favourite, SWS, ‘could remove IR35 altogether.’

The victors on July 4th must end the ‘us versus them’ of IR35 reform repeal, in favour of a more nuanced path forward.

An Ed Davey-led government says it would review the Tories' OPW rules ‘to ensure self-employed people are treated fairly.’

Companies are ‘still stalling on hiring decisions,’ but the knock-on negative appetite for IT contractors is now reducing, month-on-month.

Not reinventing the wheel is fine for just 5% of the business community; for the remaining vast majority, it’ll just perpetuate abject unfairness.

What the Tories and Labour claim they would refrain from unveiling -- like an emergency Budget, is currently all that UK contracting has to look forward to.

HMRC says that where car allowance payments have been or will be made for use of a qualifying vehicle, they may now benefit from a higher amount of disregard.

Skims, scams and schemes likely to land you in hot water with HMRC be like…

A new probe by the taxman might trigger you to work in the ‘Prefer Not to Say’ sector. Assuming you give any answer at all.

The Liberal Democrats’ deputy leader says the ‘IR35 scandal’ is part of the 'raw deal' for the self-employed, in line with calls by FCSA, cross-party MPs, and now IPSE.

FCSA: With General Election 2024 just 34 days away, no party with skin in the game can afford to ignore the burgeoning temporary labour market, and its 5.4million votes.

There’s a twist to IR35 reform but if parity matters, there’s also a rub, as there isn’t ‘any government department’ immune to the OPW rules.

Voting has started as to whether the contractor sector wants to wake up to Sir Keir Starmer or Rishi Sunak in No 10 on July 5th.

A supposedly US firm is trying to fleece UK umbrella companies by seeking an initial line of credit for 'phantom' contractors, with convincing nods like ‘due diligence,’ IR35, and HMRC-risk.

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