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Contractor advisers: ‘If there was ever a hint or wake-up call to get due diligence in place now, this is it’ -- so ‘ignore it at your peril.’

Contractors ‘strongly advised’ to pull out of four avoidance schemes, newly ‘named and shamed’ by HMRC and accused of ‘destroying lives’.

Contrary to popular belief there’s actually a few ways to sweeten the bitter pill of moving from limited to umbrella. Or if not sweeten, make palatable.

The idea that the former midfielder can take the ban (not the ball) on the chin (not his head), is probably wishful thinking.

Replies to MPs not according with the status struggles we see day-to-day is proof that the taxman no longer lives in the real world.

Unlike demand, rates are holding up even as engagers seemingly resort to every trick in the book not to splurge on talent.

It’s essential to value your tech expertise but it’s wise to factor in budgets, trends, and tomorrow, too.

Complexities abound, but nevertheless running a UK limited company business from sunnier climes is indeed entirely possible.

More ‘due diligence’ on umbrella companies is useful - but the truth is that we need regulation and enforcement for things to actually change.

Five schemes of varying levels of sophistication get newly ‘named and shamed’, and three others are put under HMRC stop notices.

It’s been 17 years since they first struck, but the MSC rules getting a guidance refresh should help the contractors of today ‘understand, identify, and respond.’

How to politely place ‘Do Not Cross’ lines around your business, so ‘You Shall Not Pass’ achieves respect.

There’s no shortcut to the long, complex process of making contractor umbrella companies compliant, safe and viable.

Government claims to accept PAC’s recommendations despite one recommendation stemming from fears the taxman’s OPW approach puts off legitimate business activity.

Next time you hear the phrase the ‘party of business,’ you’d be forgiven for asking ‘which party is that then?’

This stance as an agency boss on regulating umbrella companies will banish me from the Christmas card list of the big staffing bodies.

Systematic issues plague the contractor umbrella market, making tools an inadequate fix and the devils to beware numerous.

A life coach shares top tips on turning stressful contract or client situations into water off a duck’s back.

The unfortunate, disorientating, guinea pig-like experience of Richard Alcock is grounds for government to ‘seriously consider other options’ -- IR35 advisers.

Buried in the government-speak, the worrying signs are that UK contracting is looking at the sister of CEST, and a new avoidance mission for HMRC.

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