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What may have made PSCs ‘distinguishable’ is no more, as London, Leeds and elsewhere mandate WfH.

UK’s contractor trade body says government is disincentivising flexible work, just when it needs it the most.

You’d be better off asking the chancellor, the work and pensions minister tells David Davis MP.

Armed with ‘sobering’ findings, David Davis will today seek stronger stuff for the unsupported millions.

Defer to the IR35 guidance, says the taxman, clearing up confusion but not apologising for it.

Six technology specialisms contractors ought to wish they had this Christmas (and beyond).

The future for umbrella businesses looks bright, based on both yesterday’s IR35 meeting and the government’s wider activities.

Covid lull replaced by a 40% spike in enquires, including the thousands of firms HMRC now deems ‘high-risk.’

The second biggest fine a firm has got for flouting data law should be a warning to all.

Off-payroll poll finds the bulk of PSCs can’t continue as they are today due to IR35 changing.

An unwieldy IR35 reform consequence that HMRC doesn’t intend for, and is going to snuff out, is creating quite the furore.

‘It’s all about the irreducible minimum,’ the Revenue is likely to argue, in a bid to banish the ‘brand’ argument.

To commemorate World Mental Health Day, us and Samaritans urge you to check in on your fellow contractors, and others -- SJD.

September’s slew of unconventional jobs activity coincides with expectations still weighing heavily on the government.

Self-isolation at home and tax uncertainty away looms for Britons with Polish contracts.

Two TV presenters are heading back to court over status, but only one of them wants the rerun.

Custodial sentences, QCs on conspiracy charges and extraditing promoters are the way to go – TaxWatch.

Consultancy giant says Control, Mutuality and Part & Parcel are swinging in contractors’ favour thanks to the pandemic.

What PSC contractors can leverage in the chancellor’s covid-induced fiscal package.

A sea change is here. Alongside a taxman who’ll keep chasing and schemes that’ll keep targeting. But hold on to your old ways -- and you’ll struggle.

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