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Sir Matthew Taylor’s successor is finally appointed, and it’s ‘someone with a real idea of what goes on.’

With experts finding him ‘threatening, aggressive, damn scary, and even baring teeth,’ the ‘perception’ to traders of a taxman to fear seems rooted in reality.

Government keeps ‘doing nothing but publishing some guidance,’ but a new Revenue three-parter is hailed as a ‘must-read.’

Add IR35 inertia into the mix, and we could see the unblocking of issues that both blight HMRC and harm contractors.

Knowing a fettered right won’t deliver is among the takeaways of a new courier case for PSCs trying to avoid IR35.

Revenue says the decision that brolly contractors working across its operations are only from FCSA members is not its to make.

Another member of your client’s team as a sub is a sub you could do without, says ex-Revenue official.

October saw a ‘slowdown’ in freelance tech skills, as a ‘new recovery phase’ begins.

Rishi Sunak written to by 245 MPs asking for what the PM is being lobbied on too – a ‘further review’ of HMRC’s 'cover-up.'

No contract reviewer ‘worth their salt’ in the corner of Sky Sports’ Dave Clark saw him defenceless to HMRC -- experts.

A tool is similar to the ‘cut and paste’ which helped defeat Dave Clark. It’s just not dependable.

‘Naïve arguments’ on the presenter’s behalf credited with a ‘big part of the nightmare’ for the Little Bit of Paradise director.

A laudable intention that’s gone totally awry, so HMRC, ministers, even peers, must remedy off-payroll’s many harms.

Foreign techies should be among the mix to fix what Brexit and covid are exacerbating.

Words get the blame in letters between a trade boss and politicians, but it’s new questions over HMRC’s umbrella usage which now need answers.

‘Toothless’ or not, the SBC is posing you seven queries to get a ‘clearer picture’ of payment issues.

Chancellor’s moves on high-skilled migration disappoint for coming across as exclusionary and disjointed.

As the FCSA faces questions, and attacks, the feeling that Sunak missed an opportunity pervades.

IR35, umbrellas, and just about everything else the chancellor did or didn’t announce that impacts ContractorUK readers.

Personal finance expert Paul Mayhew reviews some of the Autumn Budget’s money measures.

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