Private Sector IR35 Reform Guides

A staffing expo revealed real confusion about the current tax rules which catch agencies; let alone next year’s new ones.

Get to grips with the ‘wholly overseas’ off-payroll exclusion, even if you do have eight other elements to mull.

Inside-outside status looks likely for a PSC trying to avoid a controlling manager.

Fair and proper status determinations aren’t a fiction, although there’s fewer firms doing them than ought to be.

Faced with the unpalatable from the 6th, PSCs have got about as many ways to respond.

Delete, modify or duplicate -- the options facing a PSC told it cannot terminate.

The off-payroll legislative draft is silent on who could, should and does pay for the Status Determination Statement.

‘HMRC will know when you move from caught to not caught, but forget the fear, you’ve got five actions to take.’

How limited company contractors can navigate the minefield of IR35 reform.

Personal preference dictates if payroll trumps PSC, but beware the retrospective risk.

Expert gives unexpected advice to PSCs treated as permies: ‘make like HMRC.’

What ‘RC’ is in HMRC’s eyes; how PSCs may see it being taken and what it doesn’t look like.

The full case study of an engager responsible, and liable, because they didn’t take ‘prudent and reasonable steps.’

It’s not all bans, blankets and heads in the sand. But reform also needs more than just a new name on a SoW.

With reform looming large, the cost of an IR35 review could be small; even divisible.

Overview of one of the most confusing tax aspects to contractors, and how the off-payroll rules complicate it further.

Find out which businesses have already made decisions about how they will engage with contractors next year.

Pausing your PSC may protect you from politicians promising, HMRC attacking and clients still deciding.

The top ten concerns from a law firm’s IR35 roundtable get put to bed.

A contractor accountant tots up the financial impacts of the incoming off-payroll rules.

Five steps to take if you face being put inside the rule you’ve always operated outside of.

Consultancies are helping engagers push IR35 down the table and off their plate.

Tactics to tackle the potential cost of April 2020’s tax changes are a must. What are yours?

The new off-payroll rules may mean more contractors are treated as employees of the companies hiring them in the taxman’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need your own insurance policy.

The taxman won’t focus on historic cases -- or at least that’s what he’s said.

How a reformed IR35 spells change for your PSC and its contractual partners.

Part one of two on arguably the biggest question facing the UK contractor industry.

Play your cards compliantly if parting with a PSC, to deny HMRC of your final hand.

Seven steps PSCs ought to take before April, rather than just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

More unfortunate news for a contractor whose client is ceasing and desisting PSCs.

Ten good reasons why you can’t afford to ditch your limited company as soon as a client deems you IR35-caught.

Get to grips with your new obligations as temporary workers’ fee-payer or client.

What do the IR35 reforms entail and what are the implications for agencies? 

The three big IR35 reform commitments, and where the consultation meets them (or doesn’t).

Expert cautions a PSC worried that agencies or clients might insist on cover by April 2020.

Strength in numbers via a LLP isn’t necessarily a cloak to keep HMRC off your back.

The 31-day power and a repayment claim are about all PSCs are likely to have to fight with.

What can we learn from companies and contractors that have already come through the other side of public sector IR35 reforms. 

‘Out with FTCs in with SoWs,’ should the ‘Ltd’ hiring landscape shift today.

What to do now before off-payroll rules are possibly applied to every PSC.

Part 1 of 2 on how PSCs can prepare for potential IR35 changes in the private sector.

Hays outlines what hirers should be doing before ‘imminent’ changes to IR35.