Home Office IT job adverts to get creative

The Home Office needs to become more creative at advertising technology posts to IT professionals if it is to succeed in “recreating its IT brain,” having outsourced it in the 1990s.

Issuing the recommendation in its Technology Strategy, the department said it must advertise IT jobs on a more varied range of networks, including the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter.

But the Home Office admits that many of the IT workers with the skills it needs – such as procurement, architecture, BA and security - are “choosing to work in the private sector.”

Cue the need to get “more creative” with IT job ads, which must entice candidates by being “clear [about] career paths” and by “showcasing the benefits” of working in IT for the state.

The Home Office’s Technology Strategy, published last week, adds: “We need a different range of [IT] capabilities to those we currently possess, and we must build this capability quickly.”

To this end, it will partly use “cross government capability initiatives” but, via the adverts, it also wants a “strong internal focus” on developing its own IT capabilities.

In line with the implied emphasis on IT staff already on its payroll, the department vowed to “take control” of its “IT infrastructure in-house”, yet this includes going to the Cloud first.

Moreover, it will shun “lengthy, monolithic contracts” for IT services providers and, as part of the same pursuit for “cheaper technology”, will do the same on device agreements.

The aim is to move towards shorter IT contracts so the Home Office - and its agencies – can get better value for money on IT deals, as well as more freedom to change providers more easily.

Tech start-ups and SMEs therefore seem well-positioned, especially if they specialise in remotely overseeing the smooth-running of an IT/digital service, suggests the strategy paper.

It states: “We will maintain control of the entire Service Integration function and employ a combination of in-house and external expertise to ensure that the technology works.”

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