One contractor’s light hearted approach to IR35 reform

Previously a Business Analyst for many years in the UK but now relocated in New Zealand, one contractor has decided to take a lighter look at the upcoming IR35 reforms.

Paul Condron was reading about the IR35 impacts and inspired him to contribute in a different way and light hearted approach to the IR35 conversation. Paul wrote a short song and made a video all about IR35 reforms.

Paul says “I would love it if it brings a smile or a little laughter into anyone’s day” and uses the Hashtag #ContractorKaraoke on his Linkedin post. So far the post has had over 1,700 views on Linkedin.

You can read some of the lyrics below –

I just got the news today
My daily rate is going away
My days as a director are over
No expenses left to claim
No six weeks in the south of Spain
Here comes the last stop for the gravy train


IR35… LinkedIn’s in overdrive
Contractors beat now our kids won’t eat
'Cos the taxman’s coming for us


How will business survive
Who’ll manage change and run deep dive
Workshops on the topics no one likes
Recruiters and accountants are through
My gardener Dave and driver Sue
If I’m out of work… then so are you


Watch Paul’s IR35 contractor karaoke video here:

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