20,000 'IT-shortage' work permits issued since 2000

In a very topical announcement, considering the PCG's current investigation into possible abuse of the 'Fast Track Visa' scheme, Home Office Minister, Angela Eagle recently revealed the total number of work permits approved under the shortage occupation category for information technology since 21 January 2000.

The full list is as follows, totalling over 20,000 in all. It should be noted that thousands of work permits have also been granted during the same time period, for 'non shortage' occupations.


Analyst programmer2,505

Business analyst331
Computer engineer410

Computer programmer1,293
Database specialist162

Information Technology (IT) manager172
Network specialist304

Project manager300
Software engineer4,681

System analyst2,375
Other IT related occupations*7,759

*This category includes occupations that are on the published shortage occupation list but are not captured separately for management information purposes by the Work Permits United Kingdom computer system.

Interestingly, following earlier debates, the Information Technology, Communications and Electronics (ITCE) sector panel is also considering whether or not to keep the role of 'Oracle Database Administrator' on the list of 'skills shortages', as confirmed during the same session by Angela Eagle:

"At the Information Technology, Communications and Electronics (ITCE) sector panel meeting held on 10 October 2001 evidence from panel members restricted the Database Specialist to Oracle Database Administrator. That in itself is under review following the ITCE meeting in January 2002 as further evidence is provided by panel members. Further information has been requested from panel members, before considering the removal of this specific shortage occupation."
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