CBI gives cautious welcome to red tape assault

Earlier this week, the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) gave strong backing to the new drive to tackle red tape proposed in a report on employment regulation published by the Better Regulation Taskforce.

The report recognises the need to find alternatives to regulation and the importance of building a better understanding of business realities among civil servants. It also recommends better testing of new and existing regulations, and better information for employers.

But Deputy Director-General John Cridland warned that employers would be "deeply disappointed if the report turned out to be another false dawn".

"The taskforce has come up with a sensible package for delivering much-needed improvement in guidance and advice," he said.

"This will reassure firms that are feeling utterly overwhelmed by the burden of employment law, which has reached record levels.

"But employers will be deeply disappointed if this turns out to be another false dawn. The government must show it is capable of turning fine words into real action."

The Institute of Directors (IOD) also welcomed the publication.

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