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Latest news

As misleading maestro Mel gets promoted, his old boss must answer for his own sinister conduct and allegations.

Not being part of a team is good for your status; and even better for your demons.

And where in the capital rates are almost £1,000 a day.

‘It’s Revenue customers, not the Revenue, who’s behind tax not being collected 20 years ago.’

‘Loan-busting’ scheme promoters get picked up. Questioned. And released.

Agree or disagree with IR35 changing in April? There’s only a week left to speak up.

Chancellor asked if he’ll do the ‘extraordinary’ -- finally listen and act.

Pop-ups, signposts and plainer English among a number of tweaks to the tool.

A history of cash collection portals can bring out the blushes nearly as much as X-rated visits.

Jokes over a 1p tax bill have a serious side, including irate contractors and potentially lost business.

Placing HMRC higher up the payment pecking order in insolvency is premature and poorly timed.

Chancellor told to consider if his ‘misleading’ comments need amending or clarifying.

LCAG disputes IOPC finding ‘no evidence’ Revenue saw customer as a threat to themselves.

Temp billings ‘bounce back’ on the back of Brexit concerns, but only very faintly in IT.

What chance for you and your client next year if even a big bank is struggling with IR35 reform now?

New IR35 Forum minutes show HMRC knows about trying to insert parties (and clauses) to nullify 2020’s reform.

Fears of a whitewash as taxman gets told that he alone can decide his appropriateness.

New hoops for directors to jump through, thanks to the 175-year-old register digitalising.

Only 20 days to go to oppose old tax debts falling due much sooner.

Taxman updates the ‘little-read’ series with his MSC victory -- a ‘battering ram.’

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